Transformational stories & feedback

For more than 15 years we've learned from the stories and feedback from participants of our Ayahuasca & plant medicine retreats, finetuning our setting and way of working with each participant. All feedback is placed with permission.

Experiences Ayahuasca & other plant medicine retreats: 130+ testimonials!

"My experience this weekend was nothing short of amazing, undoubtedly one of the top 10 moments of my life." - Jonathan 

"It was a life changing experience that I will never forget. I'm very grateful for that! It opened my hart and the true me awoke. It's very special that people you never met before can create such a save place to be so vulnerable. I still have an afterglow of the love I got from the team. I want to thank the beautiful people of 'The Sacred Voyage' and a special thank you to Lars & Tanja Faber." - Gerben

"It was a real homecoming. I was especially glad I could leave the third day with the feeling that I had left a lot of problems and connected mental blockages behind me... still stuff to work on, but a sensation of coming clean took hold of me. The awareness that the process of years I had been fighting and struggling with and against myself had made space for a more profound, calm, patient and more mature mindset." - Johan

"I feel full of gratitude with everything I've experienced this weekend. It brought me home. To myself. It brought me realisation of the truth, with some homework to help me integrate the lessons into my journey here. The truth brought me peace, and compassion..." - Maico

"Honestly, it was way more than i expected, but not what I expected either. It was fantastic, I feel I have left with a new way of looking at life and I feel so calm with more love in my heart for myself and for others. The breathwork was unbelievable, I have done breathing in the past but nothing to that level, it was life changing. The meeting between my Inner child and my deceased Father brought so much relief to my heart, I have finally put all the sorrow,grief and guilt to rest. The guides during this experience were fantastic, Tanja Faber’s words will stay with me forever. Thank you." - Matt

"I feel that this weekend was the most intense and profound experience of my life and that my previous experiences of ayahuasca were connected to this one, like a preparation." - Sam

"It was amazing, I feel like I got a new perspective on my life and life itself, its like my way of thinking just changed or I just realized my way of thinking."- Alex

"This was my second retreat with the Sacred Voyage and it was once again amazing! Very rewarding and fulfilling – I feel I have taken home a lot – New friends and so much love. I feel re-connected with myself and have a much greater self understanding. These two ceremonies were my 6 th and 7 th and it has been a continuation of an amazing journey for me. From the bottom of my heart I can say I love Mother Aya. I trust and respect her and would love to continue working with her. She takes you on your own journey but at the same time you are part of the group and you are all healed together. Amazing! This time she helped me re-connect with my Self and our creator and helped me to remember! She also showed me
the grandness of giving." - 

"Amazing life changing lessons and the care and love and support I received from everyone at the sacred voyage was truly amazing ... I believe I died and was reborn about 10 times during the first ceremony this was quite terrifying at first. .. but each time dyeing became a more peaceful and beautiful experience and being born was just pure bliss.... I felt like I was a baby in the womb and my Mother was Ayahuasca and I could feel such intense and beautiful nourishment and love coursing through my veins. The second ceremony was overall a very beautiful experience I was able to see the world through the eyes of my inner child or as a baby everything was new and interesting and exciting but I also had the wisdom of many lifetimes behind me. I feel I healed a lot of childhood trauma.I know there is still a lot of work for me to do but it's amazing how much progress I made during both ceremonies They say Ayahuasca is 10 years of therapy in one night and I now very much believe that to be true." - Colm

"In my journeys I was facing some of my fear, sadness, anger and pain. In embracing these feelings as parts of myself and seeing their value I felt like I rediscovered my power. That my love is strong enough to allow all parts of myself, and that I am whole if I choose to embrace everything instead of pushing it away. A wonderful liberation came from this.
I also released something I've been carrying for a long time.  
A few words does ofcourse not do the guides justice, nor the beautiful work they do. I am so grateful to all of them for being who they are and for doing this incredible work. It is so important to have such loving and supporting people to guide you. Thank you and I hope we meet again." - Malin

"This was my second retreat with the Sacred Voyage. It was truly beautiful and just as incredible as the first one, or maybe even more. It's hard to describe the impact, but I feel that it has brought me a renewed energy and excitement for life." - Dave

Experience on film 

One of our former participants, guide and ceremonial leader Rob Hulscher shares about his scepticism at first, his experience with Ayahuasca, the healing, the profound and very experienced based and proved methods the Sacred Voyage facilitates and the effects it all had on his life that totally changed!

"I am really excited about my experience at the retreat. It has given me a refreshed, brighter, more loving, emphatic lens on life. I feel it is the start of a new phase in my life. Writing this part nearly 4 weeks since the retreat I still feel a connection to those around me that I never felt before. Words can't describe the effect this has had on my life. It has changed something in me that others can see. I fell people are seeing/approaching/experiencing me different. In a way they too are feeling the effect of my journey with Mother Ayahuasca. I have seen and felt wonders all around me in nature that I never felt before, despite that fact I looked for it in the past." - Ray

"My feelings about the weekend are still very mixed, even though I absolutely do not regret the experience. One moment I feel the heaviness of my first ceremony, in another moment I feel a very specific feeling of love. This is very beautiful, and relates a lot to my second ceremony.It gave me insights at emotional and body sensational level on my fears, how heavy they can be/how much they can paralyze me, but also how much lighter things can become, when really trying to observe them, and giving them full attention, or trying to express them. I had moments in which I felt a deep connection with my innermost self, which I can softly relate to during my day-to-day life now. It gave me feelings of being OK just like I am, and self-love - , that now after the ceremony seem to even show as just love (not directed at anything/anyone)." - Silke

"I feel truly blessed to have been given this amazing gift and experiencing such a profound change in myself alongside such beautiful fellow voyagers. I have returned home truly humbled.My experience at the retreat was amazing, the whole weekend was full of comfort, kindness and love.My first day (preparation) started with sharing which was done is such a comforting and safe space.The heart dancing was wonderful and playful, full of laughter and joy. The second and third day of the Ayahuasca ceremony was firstly met by myself with apprehension as this was my first ever time of drinking Ayahuasca, I was subsequently looked after by all the guides and leaders who all held space for me and took loving care of me throughout my experience.After the journey we were all give fruits and served soup and tea and the guides and leaders continued to hold space for the rest of the day / evening should I wish to talk." - Jane

"The second and third day of the Ayahuasca ceremony was firstly met by myself with apprehension as this was my first ever time of drinking Ayahuasca, I was subsequently looked after by all the guides and leaders who all held space for me and took loving care of me throughout my experience.After the journey we were all give fruits and served soup and tea and the guides and leaders continued to hold space for the rest of the day / evening should I wish to talk.The fourth day with integration and heart dancing with Joanne was amazing and so very helpfully before the second ceremony. The dancing for 30 minutes was perfect to do to calm done any nerves I was feeling and prepared my mind and body for my next journey, this is one exercise that helped me the most and something I have definitely incorporated into my life after the retreat.

"Later in my voyage on the first day (second day of the retreat – Saturday) I stood up for most of the time but still had very intense visuals and feelings of “knowing” that certain “messages” were being communicated to me from “the other place”. It was a humbling experience and later in the day became less intense and more uplifting. The Sacred Voyage guides were amazing, and helped me throughout the experiences of my first voyage. I could not imagine having experienced this for the first time anywhere else, with any other team.The second day, I was in two minds as to whether to take the ayahuasca again. I meditated during the night and in the morning, focusing on what I hoped to receive during the second voyage – I asked Aya to be gentle, and to see the love, light and hope that I had largely missed during the first voyage. It was an intense experience to start with, and I faced what I feared. Tanja Faber was amazing, and I really felt supported and looked after by her during this experience (I did with all the guides, but Tanja was with me during this intense part of my day 2 voyage). I again got what I asked for and experience a lot of joy and love and hope and light." - Paul

"It was a wonderful experience and at the moment I feel blessed and lighter. I left some negative thoughts behind and was able to let go in the first Ayahuasca ceremony. I take home a lot of love, foregiveness and compassion. My hart opened up again." - Jeroen

"The weekend allowed me to let go of things that were holding me back (insecurities that stem from my past, current destructive behavior, unnecessary suffering I cause myself) and to connect, making me much more empathetic towards myself as well as others. I still feel full of love three weeks later and am determined to better myself so that I can better serve others. I feel significantly more calm and very grateful for my life. I am no longer attached to things I can't control and have let go of expectations and the

"I will only be happy if/when this-and-this happens"-mentality." - Carmen

"This was not my first time experiencing mother ayahuasca, but it was certainly one of the most beautiful. The people I met were loving, caring, honest and warm and what I experienced most of all was pure love. It is not an alternate universe. It is what's behind the curtain of reality and it is more real than anything I have ever experienced. What I took home is more certainty that love is the way." - Tyrone

"It is hard to describe how I feel about it, but my experience was life changing. I feel healed, loved, and like I have an enormous amount of love in me that never existed before. My experience has brought me everything. Everything that I was, that I am, and that I will be has been reconciled because of my experience. I owe everything to my experience now, it resonates so strongly with who I am now." - Calum

"I know now, that the universe is a good place. I saw the light and felt the love. When there isdrama, suffering and cruelty it is because of the human ego. I felt it so clear that everyone ispure inside.I don’t know if those beautiful insights would have been possible without the loving sacredvoyage team. I am so happy to know that there are people like you.When I came home, I felt more aware of the people (friends, family, co-workers) I amsurrounded with and I see the beauty in their being. I realized that connection in love is whatgives me security, while rushing on planet earth trough the universe, remaining a mystery.All that is a huge present for me" - Denise

"The entire weekend was absolutely incredible, from our arrival at our destination until we left and the support still continues. It brought me so many things, some being: allowing me after 15 years to really grieve for my daughter’s death and move on (I met with with her and her father who passed in January), meeting the Ascended Masters, Metatron, Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva (very unexpected), Lord Ganesh, Mother Mary, being initiated into the Magdalenes and wearing the red cloak of the Magdalene, committing to move forward in service, blessing my family and friends and performing many healings for family, friends and all the retreat goers, as well as myself. Being with my future love, who has been showing himself gradually over 12 years. The deepest experience was meeting Mother Earth. Wow! What a great blessing. Meeting my mind as a friend to form a relationship so it will step aside more readily when I ask it to. Also, the return of many, many of my shadow selves, most of whom were children. So, much more, but you get the gist." - Catherine

"First of all, my heartfelt thanks for participating in this weekend! I am eternally grateful for all the experiences I have been able to make ... it was so infinitely salutary, insightful and enlightening - a great wake-up - something I already wanted I have been looking for my whole life ... Ayahuasca has given me access to the deepest levels of my being, making me feel connected to my soul, the divine child, the essence, and the source of our being.It was a awakening and a healing intensive experience on all levels and all sequences!" - Silke

"I massively enjoyed this weekend, it was deeply moving and very special. It has brought me emotional growth, great intrigue and some insight to the treasures of humanity. Incredible music, people, care and immense love. Amazing weekend with some truly special people, I really didnt want to leave." - Alex

"This was my 2nd weekend with the Sacred voyage. Just like during the first one there was a welcoming atmosphere and a space for openness and exploration. I felt very well. It was also different from the first one in terms of energy and revelations. This time I got more healing on physical level, not so many insights but some of the insights from my previous journey 3 months ago got confirmed." - Svilena

"It was a very profound experience! It was my 2nd time with sacred voyage. I was able to go much deeper than last year which was quite overwhelming but rewarding at the same time. The whole experience again was brilliant and the sacred voyage is extremely well run and is a very safe and loving environment." - Mark

"I feel very grateful to have been a part of the weekend. It’s one of the best, most valuable things Iv ever done. Il definitely be going back. Observing my life and relationships from an out of body perspective.A deep tribal connection and being aware of the emotions I felt in different relationships in the tribal setting.Being shown what is actually important in life which is love and relationships rather than money and possessions.Purging bad memories, feelings and emotions." - Sam

"I really felt i was given a lot of space, where i could just be the person who I am. I was given space to surrender to a lot of my child parts, and this was a truly painful experience but so essentially important. In my daily life, i never give myself enough time and space to listen to my inner child and look for distractions, but during this retreat, i could basically take all the time i wanted to really dig through my childhood wounds, and thus getting closer to becoming who i really am and becoming more of the person i want to become." - Christoph

"I had a very long journey, and felt like I worked quite hard and it was quite challenging. I felt I got the answers I was seeking, not the answers I wanted but needed. So far my work with Ayahuasca has been very emotional and challenging but I feel it is what I needed to be able to clear what I feel I have suppressed and pushed away in myself." - Sarah

"In some sense, I feel like the weekend is never going to finish for me. The learnings and messages that I have gleaned are going to stay in my heart and my mind forever! I got in touch with parts of myself that have been sleeping (or were put to sleep due simply to the passing of life!) I would like to say for the Sacred Voyage that it is 100% true - one gets exactly and everything one needs in that point in time. I have been processing everything I 'saw' and felt and I feel like I am nowhere near the end of grasping just what happened and what I was 'shown'. It was just larger and more profound than anything I can describe. I am also aware that the sacred voyage on my own was one part of the experience. The other, equally important part was how held I felt by all the loving guides. They were there in exactly the way I needed them to be." - Jinny

"The set and setting The Sacred Voyage creates feels like a warm maternity care department for the soul. It’s warmth, safety and personal guidance creates an atmosphere where one feels safe to embody, accept and surrender to whatever inner demon is preventing us from living our true potential. It allowed me to open up in ways I couldn’t hold possible and has given me enough baggage on how not to not worry anymore about past present or future for a long time to come. There is an innate and ancient energy behind ayahuasca and it takes courage and strength on doing inner work this deep. The Sacred Voyage creates the perfect atmosphere in becoming the hero to your own life story no matter what story you’ve fabricated about yourself or your past. Your journey starts right here!" - Nick

"The Core Wound also had a very strong effect on me and was a good preparation for the ceremonies! The first ceremony was very healing for me ... the music touched me very deeply and healed all the wounds ... as my (adoptive) parents are both musicians the music was very personal for me. It solved the whole 'music-battle' and 'adoption problem'. Lady Aya told me that I had always been loved (from birth) and the double emotions I had about music (the 'forced' piano-dream of my mother that I had to realize for her, which exploded in my puberty) cleared up completely during this ceremony. I realized that the love for (and understanding of) music is a great gift they gave me and that music will always be there to comfort and heal me and to keep me in deep contact with my father (and still living mother). Els

"The experience last weekend was just incredible and it brought me a lot. Everything about the weekend was perfect just the way it was and i feel ayahuasca gave me what i needed. What a gift to experience the healing power. Even though my previous experiences were also healing and life-changing, i have a kind of sense that i am closer with Mother Ayahuasca after this last voyage, and although i am still nervous about drinking again, i feel a little less scared of her." - Jonjo

"This was my first experience and it was unique and profound. I got clear answers to my difficult situation and I got the courage to actually implement the changes that were shown to me.I had a moment of clairvoyance for the future, and how things could unfold if I were to listen to the advice I was given. The insights I received were gentle and nonintrusive, leaving me free to decide whether to accept them or not.Yet, they felt so true that I could not ignore them. A magical journey into my intuition and deeper in the soul of all living beings." - Svilena

"How do you feel about your experience this weekend and what did it bring you?A real life changing experience! The whole weekend was organised with most respect and attention to well being. We felt safe and secure during the experience and the way the shaman handled the process left us having the most powerful positive experience of our life. A big sincere Thank You to all the people involved!!" - Balan

"I found it to be a very useful way into making us feel comfortable with the process and with each other. I personally found the breathwork to be a fascinating experience and I received messages and visions as part of it beyond just the physical benefits." - Max

"The weekend was life changing, I'm no longer depressed and I feel more grounded, I've got a solid base to build on.The weekend from start to finish was intense and like nothing else I've ever experienced.Initially I felt high with joy and had waves of feeling like I did during the ceremony. But now two weeks after I feel even better, really healthy and strong physically and mentally." - Lindsey

"Although it has been several weeks since the retreat now I still feel pumped and very thankful for everything! The experiences and the pure emotional impact this retreat has had on me is hard to put into words!I have gained a clearer unerstanding of myself and a deeper connection to myself and my inner child as well. Yeah, and although it might sound a bit silly, it's just awesome to know that a place or a group like the sacred voyage exists and you can go there and are just fully accepted and welcome. That's priceless guys!" - Christian

"This retreat is probably one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. During this week, I could explore my inner chaotic world and childhood traumata while feeling held, supported and appreciated by the loving tribe. I feel I have much more connection and rapport with myself, other people and life itself." - Christoph

"It has been a wonderful weekend, with lots of love and compassion. I have been surrounded by beautiful and open people.The time has vanished and each moment last eternity. It was great to be settled in the present and feel connection to everything and everyone around me. The experience brought to me peace, understanding and happiness. Freedom to BE myself." - Jonasz

"I had some very profound experiences during both of the two Sacred Voyages.The first day was more like as if the ayahuasca was searching and making a complete body scan. Working strong and yet lovingly with both my body and my psyche by investigating, pulling, bending and stretching my entire system, culminating with a releasing vomiting after several hours. I felt that the ayahuasca gathered and compiled old traumatic stuff in my stomach, while telling me to wait and be patient until it was finished with its work. Only then, after the work was done, was I "allowed" to finally do my vomiting. A very releasing and very healing experience.The second day was even more intense (experienced both as something personal as well as collectively). As if all sorts of aggressiveness and suppressed anger, guilt, anxiety and shame was being swept up from the collective and personal unconsciousness bringing it all up into the light of awareness, providing the possibility to look at it with innocent eyes and thereby maybe be able to heal some old traumatic wounds." - Arn

"I feel that the proces was profound and changed something radically in my body and soul.I feel like the aya enhanced my lifeenergy. I feel very grateful for every living being and the opening to a more spiritual dimension. I deeply appreciate (my) life and all what is in it. I am more curios and feel an urge to go on adventures. I feel immense love to my boyfriend and my child ( less fear). I connected up with the inner child." - Lene

"There are so many feelings within me and it is hard to understand them yet. Mainly I feel love, love, love and more love. Trust in myself and in the decisions I've made so far. There are still many question marks concerning my life, myself and my voyages. However, I am confident that when the time is right I will get the answers.I feel so very grateful to mother ayahuasca and for everybody who made the weekend possible and for having let me be part of it. I feel humbled and inspired by the unconditional love and appreciation the team gave us. I feel connected to the people around me and to myself." - Nayeli

"It was an unbelievable mind blowing, experience, which has definitely changed my life in a positive way. Not only was I healed of things I had no idea I needed healing for, but I feel empowered and feel like I can accomplish anything and everything.It was the most intense but amazing 6 days of my life but I would totally recommended it (and will) to everyone I know. I was amazed and impressed with the guides during the ceremonies, they were so loving, caring, selfless and seem to be so open so that I could feel so much love from God through each one of them during each ceremony. In fact I received so much blessing, so much healing and so much love that I want to try as a guide and help others as I received so much during these 6 days." - Mark

"To begin with, I want to say that this was my first Ayahuasca experience. It has been the most sincere, true, heart loving experience of my life. Mother Ayahuasca has just opened my heart and my mind to a new dimension. Like waking up after living unconsciously. The sacred Voyage in the Netherlands truly helped me find my inner child, see the oneness in all, at least to some extend, and making me feel peaceful and calm like I don’t remember that I’ve felt before." - Michael

"Experience was great, not only Ayahuasca ceremony but the whole workshops as well! It helped me with my anxiety and self-esteem.The guides personally for me were really helpful(angels).I wouldn’t do it without them. I received so much support, compassion and love. After the Ayahuasca my body has been cleaned. My chest & guts-stomach finally I can fully breath. Its such a bless to breath!Also after coming back home I have noticed that my worry thoughts ( my mind was always busy couldn’t stop thinking &worrying) has been blocked. I still have anxiety but normally after that comes my worry thoughts but now is nothing. It feels like some blockage was put in my mind. Felt so strange in the beginning but such a relief.I can finally get back to work now.Also i received so much love&acceptance for myself, feels like I had a self/love therapy with myself and received so much positive energy. Feel more connected to the universe, nature and in general I want to be a better person." - Natalia

"It was excellent. The atmosphere so supportive, dignified, warm, loving. The ceremonial space was clean and comfortable. The guest rooms were fine. Again, clean and enough. The food was good.. especially the fruit after the ceremony..!!! I feel.. hugely grateful for the experience. Everything about it. It brought me what I asked for." - Edmund

"It's been an emotional weekend and a beautiful weekend. I feel honoured to have got to spend the weekend with so many amazing people during their sacred voyages and to witness the unconditional love and support of the guides for all of us during the weekend. For the second voyage I drank just one cup of ayahuasca and it was one if the most profound healings that I have ever experienced. It was so gentle I felt a deep connection to the divine. There was a loving and healing energy beaming through every cell of my being. It was very special.During this journey I also experienced some deep grief which obviously needed to be looked at. It felt like it was very old. With the support of the loving guides I could manage to navigate in it. I am grateful for that." - Brendan

"It was absolutely life changing and truly enlightening. Not only was I able to realise in full who I am on a soul level, what my purpose, why things in my life happened to me and I saw the people who are in my life and the role they play, as well. But I also got to understand the cosmic dance of life and death. And then there was such infinite beauty and bliss that permeated me through and through. Additionally the experience brought me closer to my partner and we both felt like we were married spiritually during the ceremony. So, all in all I got more than I ever hoped for. I am forever grateful." - Corina

"This has been the best experience I could have ever given myself. The retreat itself was amazing from the moment I arrived I was made to feel very welcome, safe and at home. The guides are wonderful selfless people who are genuinely interested in caring for you from the moment you arrive until the unfortunate time when you must leave this amazing place. I have been reborn as a result of my experience wit Aya and I cannot wait to begin a new chapter in my life free from the nonsense and stresses which I had developed over the years. It’s very hard to explain the whole process but the only word I can find to describe it is ‘Lifesaving’. Thanks to the wonderful people at Sacred Voyage I now have a real prospect of a happy life." - Robert

"I saw and found out how to accept all parts of myself and live in love and harmony with me. This experience was priceless and very healing. It was the best decision I took for a long time and I am very happy about it. I wish to stay in love with me from now on." - Georg

"It was nothing like I expected but in the best of ways, it was far more wonderful than I could have imagined. I have learnt so much about myself and about the world, about life. I look at the world in a different way and I finally, finally, am able to love myself for who I am. It is a magic medicine and I cannot thank everyone at the sacred voyage, and mother ayahuasca herself, enough. I will never have the words." - Ella

"The retreat was absolutely wonderful! In my previous journeys with Mother Ayahuasca (all with Sacred Voyage), I experienced quite a lot of struggle and difficulty but I received tremendous healing. In fact, I know that Mother Ayahuasca and Sacred Voyage have saved my life. The voyages in this retreat were mostly blissful, with little struggle. Mother Ayahuasca was teaching me [a] that the world is wonderful and magical and that I just have to learn how to see it that way again; and [b] how to really relax, to just be and to enjoy. As always, the guides were incredible, looking after us with such love and grace; I am deeply grateful to each of them." - David

"I am so grateful for our Ceremony on Saturday 02 June. This was my fourth Ayahuasca Ceremony (my first three were in Sacred Voyage group retreats) and, through these experiences, Mother Ayahuasca has given me so much and healed me of so many traumas that I had been carrying for decades. In this private Ceremony she brought me wonderful insights and answers to all of the questions that I brought with me." - David

"Quite simply the best time of my life without a doubt. Painful, joyous, revelatory, liberating. It feels as if a bomb went off in my head and in my heart.Everything was absolutely perfect. Very well organised. I got from Mother Ayahuasca some of what I wanted and all that I needed. Thank you everybody." - Robert

"Hard to put into words what my experience at the Sacred Voyage has brought me. I do know it was exactly what was needed and I feel fantastic. The dust is still settling and I think I am yet to know what has come my way. My experience was profound, I have so much to process, so many emotions and feelings when I revisit my voyage." - John

"I really enjoyed my experience of this retreat. The guides and other voyagers were all amazing people. It was great to connect with everyone on such a deep level which is something i'm not used to.I'm normally a very closed off person full of anxious thoughts but since the retreat i actually want to connect with more people and i have such a clear head and bad thoughts do not affect me like theyused to! :)" - Aaron

"I have felt alot of peace from the 6 days and also sleeping better, a sense of everything is fine just the way it is and enjoying each day;) I'm sure I will continue to feel the effects of such a wonderful experience on a deep level. A sense of peace and acceptance, so many insights and sharings and beautiful people. Love was in the air:) I so enjoyed the experience of being in a tribe, such a natural, loving, peaceful, harmonious, joyous REAL tribe. It all flowed so beautifully and there were so many great experiences, I will be soaking it up for awhile. I found it very rich on many levels. Just wonderful to know something like this exists, inspiration for more." - Josanne

"‘It gave lasting effect of opening my heart with love and tenderness. Yesterday i asked my doughter (5yr) if something changed and she said: yes, you are much sweeter because you are not so angry anymore. I am deeply grateful for the experience and am looking forward to making another journey sometime in the future! Thank you so much guys!!’ Reynold ‘What a beautiful setting it is! I really loved the ceremonial space, the nature around it, the peaceful place. Wonderful auahuasca voyage. I appreciated the team very much. I felt so safe by Lars and the team, it was wonderful how they all were holding space for the voyagers. I felt very blessed to experience this with The Sacred Voyage. I was in total bliss all the time and felt really safe." Simone

"The 3 days I was there changed my view on life. I’m conscious of the fact that the male energy dominates within me and has for almost all my life. I’m opening up more to the female energy now, the intuition, feeling, warmth and I feel much more connected to other people. My ayahuasca trip showed me my ego very clearly as a window that’s in front of my view and distorts everything just to protect to small and insecure child within me. I start to see the same thing in other people. Instead of looking at them and don’t understand why they make such strange choices, laughing at them, getting angry at them, I now look at all people as the small children that we are that just want love. And thourgh all the years we’ve been in this crazy society, we’ve all built armor around us to protect us because we’ve all so sensitive. Now I understand this and can feel real love towards all people and I see life really as a journey that we best just can enjoy ;-) This insight has changed my life and I’m very thankful for this." - Marten

"It is difficult to put into words how remarkable it was .. Ayahuasca had already transformed my life but I felt a little nervous before the weekend, at the idea of Aya ceremonies outside the amazon. I need not have worried! This was an incredible experiece that far surpassed my expectations ..In many ways, it surpassed my experiences in the amazon too, as the level of care from the facilitators was so profound. They were incredibly attentive and intuitive and generous beyond measure. The music was fantastic, drawing me into vision after vision, most beautiful beyond words but some horrific but healing. I never felt lost or alone …just supremely blessed.." - Lora

"The people of The Sacred Voyage have managed to create an atmosphere of peace and safety in which one feels comfortable to take on his or her journey. The ceremonial space looks like a small temple where a lot of effort has been put into detail: peculiar ornaments, comfortable spaces to lie down with stylish large cushions. Truly a place to feel at ease and be inspired. I can recommend anyone who wants to get in touch with his/her inner world and who wishes to grow as a person, to take onThe Sacred Voyage. The Ayahuasca is a natural rollercoaster, the people at SV are angels and the atmosphere is like a warm bath. One precondition for anyone to participate is to have an open mind to the preparation ceremonies and the Voyage; and to be able to surrender the mind to whatever comes next. In my case this resulted in a gorgeous experience that will stay with me for a long time to come!" - Johannes retreat 1

"Thank you for the rich experience this weekend, it was wonderful from the moment I stepped on to the land. I felt such a welcoming and that stayed with me all weekend. The place and all the helpers and participants added to this quality greatly. My experience was one of connection to myself and a peace within, and lovely feeling of safety and warmth." - Jo

"The Sacred Voyage day was an amazing experience. There aren’t enough adjectives, but a very good friend of mine who was also there described it adequately: an explosion of love. I felt that everyone was there with their own intentions, and the sacred voyage team were so helpful all the way, from A to Z. Needless to say that this experience was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, as I have always thought of others, but this was different. I could finally love and respect myself more. As I had only done most of the time with others in the past, now I could do it with myself with a loving heart."Anthony

"As it was my first gentle Ayahuasca experience ever ( this was my 8th voyage ), I was very pleased! :))For once, I really enjoyed the Voyage. And still, it taught me a lot. Just in a lighter way…;-)" - Jasmin

"My first voyage was an overwhelming experience …now my second voyage blew the lid off….so very deep and humbling….so much wisdom was poured over me…. it engulfed me…..I almost drowned in a sea of love…and awareness.A question arose: ….what’s your true purpose here on earth….answer came up: ….TO SERVE LOVE….." - Ger

"Great just like last time, so warm and inviting…feels like home. I felt in good hands and very safe, it was a warm nest which made it easy to relax and go with what was happening." - Jos retreat 2

"I have experienced a wonderful setting, the whole environment is perfect. A feeling of getting free, no boundaries, unashamed being myself and finally breathe freely. My Sacred Voyage was very nice and is still going on." - Twan

"My Voyage was very deep and on a very high level – outside of my life here and now – it was very difficult for me to come back into my body here and now – I basically crash landed and did not really come into my body for 24 hours – I don’t know if I could have add adapted to it in a better way – I am very sensitive and vulnerable so maybe it was always going to happen to me, at least I had very difficult 24 hours in limbo after my voyage – my voyage was very deep and life altering – it will carry me for long time and I will definitely do this again – probably soon." - Ingi

"I feel that it is was the best thing I could do to myself. It gave me much more than I ever expected, SO many anwers, and like they say.. everything i really need." - Mia

"I feel good about the whole weekend; it brought me lot more clearness in the way I think about a lot of things …." - Hartmut

"This experience brought me a whole new perspective on life. It brought me peace to a lot of questions I had about life.The ceremonial space was perfect for the voyage; I couldn’t have imagined a nicer place to do it. The room was beautiful and had good energy. I felt safe and at peace there. I also loved the guesthouse where we would hang out and make tea, it was a beautiful place and had a nice atmosphere.The prep work I think helped a lot to get me ready for the voyage, especially the breathwork. I was surprised at how effective the breathwork was and how it kind of did mimic the ayahuasca journey to some extent. The heartdancing was good because it pushed me out of my comfort zone." - Mariah

"It was the most profound love experience of my life. It bought me the knowledge that I am loved and cared for no matter what I do." - Alex Arjan

"I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend at the Sacred Voyage, I gained much healing and insights and met so many wonderful people, I didn’t think healing would be this enjoyable!The setting was extremely peaceful and relaxed with no uncomfortable pressures. The food was great, I loved the soups and it was nice to have a kitchen facility where we could make our own drinks ect." - Sophie

"The preparation day was very positive, astoundingly so. An important part of the weekend. The tearing down of personal borders in combination with personal bonding are, in my view an integral part of the whole experience . Especially the effect of Breathwork surprised me." - Pontus

"I feel it was a very good (and crazy :)) experience which brought me a lot of insights about myself, which I hope to integrate in my life." - Eigil

"It was something completely new to both Kirsty and I. Beforehand I had read and listened to a lot of things about ayuhuasca. I knew what the drug/medicine was about and had my own reasons for wanting to do it. I told Kirsty about it, she was great…very supportive and embraced the idea of experiencing it with me. The experience itself was brilliant. Very grounding. It was something that took a bit of bravery too! haha – travelling to a remote town in The Netherlands to do a controversial drug seemed a bit crazy but I am really glad we did it. Kirsty and I really grew as a couple during our trip." - Kirsty and Andy

"I felt I was reborn as new being, refreshed and energized in every part of my being. Freed from all my past mental and emotional blockages and at the same time empowered and infused with the love of the entire universe.What I received from Mother Ayahuasca was a thousandfold more than what I asked or what I could have imagined of receiving. I was shown that on the greater scale of existence we are all still just children learning how to walk, that we have such a long way ahead of us in discovering all the mysteries and wonders of the universe and that on this journey we are supported and loved so much by life itself. I was shown that there are no limits to what we can do and achieve in our lives and that the only limitations are just inside our minds. I was shown that we are infinitely more than what we thought we where and that all our problems, worries and even the hardest and painful moments we might experience in our lives are just so small, insignificant and passing compared with our true self and that we can guide ourselves and keep connected to the eternal divine inside us by choosing a life of freedom, love and joy.I am profoundly grateful for this awakening experience to everyone of the Sacred Voyage the guides and the kindred souls that gathered there for their own journeys." - Christian Tent

"Many points I was fearful and very anxious, but having the guides present allowed me to push through knowing that I was cared for in a very safe environment. To get to the moment of bliss that follows the death of the ego, we needed to experience the minor melancholy notes of the music being played. I felt that the music was very important and very effective in manifesting the unsettling reflections of our own fears. How miraculous it was to be able to finally sit in a circle with such beautiful people and communicate so much without saying a word." - Matt

"The travelling within a group was ideal. It is not an experience which can be done alone I believe, and having a tribe to do it alongside (as well as loving and caring guides) made it a much easier and more profound experience. The heart dancing and the sharing brought me closer to these complete strangers then I am with people I have known for years.The healing weekend brought me a deeper love of both myself and others, a deeper understanding of what I want from my life, an awesome tribe, and a newly found love of fruit (Its so goood!)" - Jake

"I was really surprised that the Ayahuasca had such a powerful and profound effect on me and I felt that many of my old, suppressed traumas from the past had somehow dissolved and had gone to rest some place else. I now feel a sense of inner peace.Throughout the entire experience I was in complete control so it was like a parallel running of events. I had no visions, rather my experience was all about feeling, and floating off into various dimensions, which was made all the better by the accompanying music, which was just perfect for the occasion. I also encountered numerous blockages and this was when I received assistance from the Guides who helped me through it all. It felt as though a lot of toxic memories had been vaporised. Very difficult to express in words, but suffice to say it was one of the most pleasurable times I have ever had in my life." - Nick

"Aside from my very personal experiences of emotional clearing and self exploration, the weekend brought me love. I have never felt as loved as I did over the weekend – such a pure quality of love I never knew existed. And not just during the experience with Aya but throughout the weekend from the facilitators and fellow travelers too.The heart dancing was a wonderful preparation to the healing – it helped us gently bond as a group and helped us step away from our inhibitions. I really enjoyed the heart dancing, I loved the freedom of movement and how it gave the group permission to share moments of joy and laughter.The breath work was an entirely unexpected challenge for me, I had no idea it would reach such depths of emotion – it allowed me to start the healing process before the Sacred Voyage. I needed a lot of support during the breath work, thank you so very much to all the facilitators for your love and kindness, it was so precious to me that I felt safe enough with you all to let go and let you guide me." - Jo

"I really don’t have the words to wholly express everything this weekend brought me. The healing commenced as soon we sat down at our first sharing circle and continued throughout the weekend with the ever present and ever thoughtful help of all the guides. It felt like a bit of risk coming to do the ceremony, which seems funny now, because the experience was so peaceful and supported and I have been left with a feeling of self-love, calmness and deep determination to help our world in my own uniquely Hannah-ish way." - Hannah

"The first day really exceeded my expectations. The heart dancing was both fun and liberating for the individual spirit while serving the purpose of bonding the group with a great deal of love. I had read a lot of Grof’s breath work writings, but this session was a revelation – I can now more clearly understand why this altered state can be compared to LSD. It was both more challenging and more rewarding than I’d anticipated. Stephen’s guidance here was perfect.It was everything I’d hoped for, but not at all what I’d expected!" - Rob

"The most wonderful experience of my life, every moment since, it has just got better and better. Life is opening before me like a flower and I have been given everything I’ve ever wanted and we are all still on the Voyage, from here on in it never ends!Thanks to the energy of the space, I felt very open and able to relay my most intimate thoughts to the rest of the group. The heart dancing was great, the first time I’d danced in years and it was liberating. I also felt the energy of the other members of the group and the first bonds were formed. The breathe work was amazing. At first I was skeptical, but then at one moment I felt a rush of energy through my body and I was able truly able to feel and express the grief I felt for my recently departed mother, it brought enormous peace to my heart. The power of the experience truly surprised me, I now realize breathe is a key that can open the door of your soul." - David

"The weekend was amazing., Everyone was very prepared going into the session with all the preparation work. The guides were truly amazing. They set the scene for us all to have a wonderful journey… wherever it took us.I was shown to stop thinking so much. Still processing but to move further into my body will lead me to the way." - Xenia

"I could not have asked for a better experience. I went through lots of different phases and got lots of insights that I believe still remain within myself. I saw new colors I did not know I had. I had a lot of fun and experienced a great deal of growth (growth that still continues!!)I think the preparation day was a very smart way to both, support the group bonding (trust) and allow a connection with my inner child." - David

"Anyone who knows me would tell you I’ve never been the kind of person to speak in those terms, but, sure enough, ayahuasca showed me a cosmic-type tableau complete with a narrator whom I interpreted to be my own unconscious mind, who explained to me, at length, how Love was the purpose of everything, explained everything, was the answer to every question, how everything and everyone is connected, and how it’s impossible to be alone. I could continue, but what more is there to say? It was very intense, but a profoundly positive experience, even when the emphasis was on pain and anguish. The backdrop always was that I was being shown things I needed to see, so that meant whatever I experienced was going to be positive in the final analysis. I can’t pretend to have an objective understanding of what happened to me, but I know this much, if I can integrate the lessons I received into my life over the coming weeks and months, then I will have benefited enormously. That matters far more to me than being able to “explain” what happened." - Mark

"I am still processing my experience but overall, I feel as if more emotional baggage has been removed. I’ve noticed also that I am able to remain focused on what I am doing. Its interesting to note that I don’t seem to have as many negative thought patterns…" - Andy

"She showed me everything I needed and more. Gently and with grace. I caught a glimpse of the void and it’s not so empty after all!Our ceremony was the most profound and spiritual experience of my life and I feel enriched and inspired." - Georgeanna

"I am still processing my recent Ayahuasca experience. However, most importantly I feel positive about it. It was hard for me to let go, as it often is in life, but I feel I made good process and was able to meet with an emotional block that has been inside me for a long time, and allow some space to the emotions that I was unable to give space to at the time.They processing of this emotion also freed up a lot of energy inside me and made it clear to me the ways in which I can better use my energy instead of building it up inside.Finally, the experience cleansed me and since then I have left a strong desire to take better care of myself. Eat a healthier diet and always put my well-being first." - Lizzie

"I am so happy to have had the opportunity in such a safe environment to experience the death of the ego. It brought me a connection to the deep well of love, listening, patience, courage, and creation that exists within me.During the preparation day; the dance, allowed us to quickly strip away the pretensions of being stiff-assed adults. The breath work showed us just how stiff we can be. Our commitment to looking good is killing us. Thank you for reaching through our boundaries." - Matt

"A profound experience of nearly all existing emotions (including some that I had never experienced this profoundly) that could freely flow through me. When I thought I had landed on Sunday night I was wondering what “integrating the experience” was supposed to be about. Now that I am home I understand what was meant by this. I can feel a lot of the vibe that I felt throughout the ceremony and how it wants to be incorporated into my perception and my being. I am starting to realize that the joy and the purpose of life consists of letting yourself be seen, sharing and connecting with others. Those are all things I thought I know, but I only thought I knew. So far I feel much more connected with my body and I am suspecting that my breathing has opened up more towards the belly region. This brings with it a feeling of joy, excitement and at times nervousness. It seems that my realtively OCD-way of approaching everyday things has smoothened out. I do think that it will take me quite some time to place this experience somewhere. Jan

"Afterwards, it took me a very long time to come back to my body and I didn´t really know how I felt as I was very vulnerable and had a long and exhausting journey home. It is very hard to tell what has changed and I think I´m going to explore it even further as time passes. But I feel a sense of calmness and space inside myself and when I look at my body I can just look at it without having to think about how it would look if I had 5 kilos less (which is very special for me as I was in therapy for an eating disorder a few years ago and my body image still was very damaged). My body also tell´s me a lot about what it needs, like I tried drinking some green tea (as I had done a lot before) and it brought me out of balance so I don´t do that anymore. I also started meditating because it feels like coming home to me now. I´m really thankfull for this experience and especially for how it affects my life now.The setting was really very very beautiful and loving. I felt very comfortable and cared for.The first day was a wonderfull preperation as it really helped opening and connecting with the group and with ourselves. The heart dancing brought me so much joy and I will definitely continue dancing and the holotrophic breathing was very suprising and clearing." - Rebekka

"I just would like to say how significant was for me to be in the group of people and feel their energy, that are joining for each own experience but still link with each other.My Voyage was about surrendering to it first but then when it happened it brought out magnificent unique extreme and intensive experience which I am still placing all together. I feel honoured for all That. Definitely new perceptions and values have changed my world. Love is the answers we are one.Awaking experience, acceptance of myself, acceptance of others, no judgments, connection beyond, love for world, being myself with group of people that I have never meet before but accept and love and understood like by no one before.It felt like the right people meet in the right time at right place. Beautiful country side surrender by nature. Very homely, warm atmosphere. In the guest house was so easy to relax with cup of tea and with others listen to everyone stories. All those people so open and understanding with their own agenda. Made me feel I am just in right place.Swing in the garden under sky full of stars was one of my favourite items Just now I understand how important dancing exercise was, each time I think about it make me smile. Was very liberating, stripping off and breaking shyness and as well connecting all of us together through our cute weirdness. Soundtrack made move our feet and put big smile on our faces. A lot of laugh and happiness. Breathing work was a vast revelation. I would describe as a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing and energy realise. Remarkable experience of your body and inner self and your emotions." - Justyna

"The weekend as a whole, was a great and magical experience. It brought me to some definite conclusions: that there are things in my life on which I should be working on to be able to live a more fulfilled, quality life, there are also things which I should be letting go, so I can start living.The ceremonial space, guest house was perfect, comfortable and beautyfull with all the decorations, perfect setting. The food was also great (especially the minestrone soup), chosen and prepared with care and love, perfect for the occasion. The atmosphere was simply amazing, the comforting energy of the guides and also the energy of the fellow voyagers created an amazing atmosphere which I will never forget. About the first day: At first I was a bit scared and nervous about the heart dancing, but when it started I have got into it more and more and it felt absolutely great, letting all nervousness fall and just dance as it comes. I still remember your words: Some of you might think this is not for me, I am not a good dancer, but at the end many people say that this was great and lets dance more I think I will dance more in the future The holotropic breath work for me was a stunning experience, in an absolute positive way. I never would have thought that I can reach such a different state, just by breath work. One of my big conclusion from the weekend is to explore and learn about different breath work techniques." - Istvan

"The whole weekend was great! I loved the group who participated and the guides and facilitators were all very kind and friendly. We barely knew each other but it was great how we could connected with others so quickly in a few days. The atmosphere, ceremonial place was very comfortable and very pleasant. The soup in we had was so nice and tasty. The first day preparation was very interesting. The heart dancing was very fun, although I had little uncomfortable feeling at the beginning. But once I went with the flow, I could connect with the vibe of each person and it was very interesting experience. Holotropic breathing was a Killer! I would definitely like to try that again. It was insanely crazy. This was my first experience with Ayahuasca and it was amazing… It was such an intense experience. Many visions that I saw and voices that I heard. The music were flowing inside me and out. It was so powerful. I felt as if I was out somewhere in different world and at the same time I was here on earth. I feel that I am changed(or changing) in positive way and feel more confident with what I do in daily lifeThe guidance and facilitator were all Great people. They are all very kind, very caring and very helpful. I thank them so much for all their help and supports, especially during the Ayahuasca ceremony. I couldn’t open my eyes very well during the ceremony so I do not know exactly who were helping me all the time but I could feel their energies, I could hear their voices and that comforted me A LOT during the voyage. I felt connected with all the participants and with all the guides. It was truly special weekend for me!" - Fumi

"Invigorated! Courageous, beautiful and at peace. I struggle to find the word and that is not a bad thing for it makes my experience unique to me and allows it to maintain its authenticity.The setting was harmonious! Welcoming! Clean! I felt at home! The food was prepared with love, fresh (Those oranges tasted like heaven!! )About the first day: After a few heart palpations… from nervousness and a feeling of vulnerability (my inner voice was saying NOOOO WAAAY). I was happy to let my adult self slip away whilst I embraced the child in me that once upon a time felt bliss from such dancing. I was not being judged by anyone else in the room! Most importantly, I was not judging myself. The breath work was the biggest surprise! I am thankful to the guides for not having disclosed any further information about what to expect because the experience literally blew me away. I will not ruin the experience for anyone else, I will only say that I found peace and freedom within it.BLISS! BEAUTY! LOVE, LOTS OF LOVE! The goddess, sister, partner, mother in me was freed. I finally remembered myself. Ahh!It was not without rooted pain, freed by shrieking cry, to laughter that literally vibrated very cell in my body! “My smile stretched way past the cheekbones” Dina

"I am overwhelmed by the insights this experience has given me. 3 days on now, and I feel very calm. I also have a new clarity; small prosaic irritations are of no interest to me. I find myself listening to music, and not thinking of the technicality, just sound waves with no instrumental attachment. I also have the feeling of having participated in something highly exclusive – and very inclusive, thinking of the group of participants. The acceptance of, and enjoyment of completely strangers was liberating. A strong feeling that “everybody was needed” in the seance, both participants and guides, to enable us to see the whole picture. No one were too intense, too shy, too loud, too talkative, too manly, too contemplative, too negative… With ayahuasca I realized that I – and all in the group, possess these qualities/flaws, and that they are merely aspects of character traits that we all share; what Jung describes as the “collective unconscious”. The group of participants were like one unique consciousness. I understand that the program has come to be on the base of the various participants feedback – and might be why it worked so well. The techniques worked. They prepared the group, bonded the group and worked as a nice initiation for the events that would unfold Sunday. Breath work was very effective, and to me more emotional than ayahuasca. Before we drank the ayahuasca, I was a bit concerned about vomiting and bodily functions – but that worry disappeared fast. It felt like someone had been waiting to play with me, and show me stuff, for a long time – and was happy that I finally had come to visit. It was very organic, genderless and eclectic, constantly wanting to show me a menu the wonders of the mind. Just take a pick and go. You didn’t even have to formulate a thought or a question – ayahuasca knows before you know it. And I remember it all, still." - John

"The most wonderful experience of my life, every moment since, it has just got better and better. Life is opening before me like a flower and I have been given everything I’ve ever wanted and we are all still on the Voyage, from here on in it never ends!The setting was beautiful. The moment I entered the space I felt the energy. After sleeping the first night there I was brought to tears in the morning by the wonderful sense of peace that was flowing through me. During the Voyage it felt safe and warm and very reassuring. Thanks to the energy of the space, I felt very open on the first day and able to relay my most intimate thoughts to the rest of the group. The heart dancing was great, the first time I’d danced in years and it was liberating. I also felt the energy of the other members of the group and the first bonds were formed. The breathe work was amazing. At first I was skeptical, but then at one moment I felt a rush of energy through my body and I was able truly able to feel and express the grief I felt for my recently departed mother, it brought enormous peace to my heart. The power of the experience truly surprised me, I now realize breathe is a key that can open the door of your soul. During my Voyage I remembered my original intention to heal the little boy that was me, so full of pain, pain I’ve carried my whole life. I took out his photograph and before my eyes he changed and became me. In the same moments I felt the healing take place. I then took the photograph of my recently deceased mother and felt all the love she had given me flow out of it. She told me I was a good son and that now my life would change. I lay there, holding the photos against my heart in a state of ecstasy. I was healed. Thank you Mother Ayuhuasca. Then to honor her and give thanks I danced, the dance of love and devotion." - David

"I had a great weekend again I got to meet amazing and like minded people again.Now a few weeks after the ceremony, I am still getting a lot of insights and feeling the presence and all this love of the plant spirit, myself and my surroundings. I am full of energy and have less fear in me.I now feel that I know very well my path, it’s just up to me to go for it, 100%. Not an easy task for me, it’s not for nothing that the tarot card I drew was: Postponment. It was one of the first things mother ayahuasca showed me too, in the first ceremony. I like to put things off. This is my challeng in life, to break this habit!I found the chakra meditation to be very powerful and beautiful. It helped me open up and be able to surrender to the experience. I could really feel very clearly after the meditation the energy flowing up and down my body, it felt very healing. It’s the first time I ever felt something like this!I received a lesson. About how the forces/energies/elements – gosh I don’t know what to call it – work. It was all showed to me in a very fractal unfolding of first me, then my mother, then women, then Mother Earth or Mother Ayahuasca or Gaia and then back to me and all over again. Until I got it. And was accompanied by a very deep feeling of grief and many tears. My journey had a very feminine theme. I knew this would be because my time of the month was supposed to be on this day and luckily appeared after 2 days ( sorry for the too much info… )So I learned that the forces of the world, the yielding feminine and the conquering masculine, the dark and the light, the yin and the yang are actually the same. That they are one. Within and without.And I see these forces at work in me. And I think I need to find a balance. And it felt as if I’m slowly learning and finding my balance, and the world is too, my voyage ended on a very positive note." - Lee

"The entire weekend was beautiful, i think i was a little apprehensive about some of the preparation (dancing and breath work) and build up to the actual ayahuasca ceremony but this is because my previous aya experiences in Peru didn’t involve this. So when i let go and stepped out of my comfort zone i really felt the benefits, i felt more open and able to bond/connect and so very comfortable around everyone. Its brought me a complete understanding about my and our place in the universe, how to follow my heart, how to open my mind up to other peoples actions, how to love and connect to MY self. A truly beautiful experience. The journey was so profound for me, so beautiful, mesmerising. I was shown that love encompasses everything in the universe, it is everywhere and cloaks us all if we seek it. It showed me love as a giant cloth/drape coloured like a rainbow wrapped around everything and then the colours of the rainbow separated and we shown to be my individual family members. It was just stunning to see how much love there is for me from my family. It showed me my place and role in life, looking after and caring for people. It showed me the universe in all its glory, how we’re all connected, how we’re all creations of mother earth. It showed me how to self-diagnose through meditation and focus, how to listen to my body!" - Chay

"I feel it as a very big gift that i could join the retreat. I am very grateful that there is made a breakthrough in my “ Harnas” and that i gain the awareness that it may have time to heal. I start in the days after the retreat listen to my body on a loving way with patience and i feel that my internal rest will be better and better. As well my breath is now much more deeper to the belly and ‘pain’ will flow away. I am doing more and more with my heart instead of with the ratio. I start feeling the soft side of Peter and that gives lot of Happiness in my body. Mmmm i like it." - Peter

"While sharing and heart dancing I still felt some unwillingness to surrender but the passion of the people leading the workshops made all that melt away and looking into the eyes of the other was a recognition and after that it was a done deal, I was there. Ready to show myself. The breath work especially was a very profound experience for me where I felt the immense power that I have inside of me. The night before the ceremony I had visions and felt the calling of the Ayahuasca. I woke up very early and showered. After that I walked outside in the dark and felt very much at peace. The chakra meditation was very intense and I had to release a blockage in my throat through vomiting. After that I felt very light and energy started flowing up and down. It was a intense journey. I saw many things that made me understand. I was able to ask for what I needed and am so grateful for that. I still don’t have many words for my experience but am writing down a lot that comes to the surface." - Ingeborg

"A wonderful experience. It gave me more peace, live and compassion for myself and the world.My body came alive during this ceremonies. Both of my hands awakened, and I know they will be a tool for me in the future. I also can feel the soul in my body is living inside me. It is my job now to stay connected to the soul, and it will be much easier to live my life when I know I can trust my inner guide." - Ingvild

"I feel so grateful about the 5 day retreat. It brought me everything I was looking for. Like minded people (my tribe), hope and faith.I want to thank the Sacred Voyage for everything they did for me and for the tribe. You guys, organizers, shamans, guides, helpers, volunteers and musicians were so professional. So nice to us. I’m so grateful to have met such beautiful people helping me on my and others’ quest for answers, for connection, for faith. I feel whole. I have found the missing part of my soul. I know I am not alone anymore. It is comforting to know that when needed, I can reach out for the tribe again, and come to the Sacred Voyage to reconnect on a deeper level with my soul, with our souls. Thank you, thank you so much – and my eternal thanks to Mother Ayahuasca." - Damien

"Shortly saying, I feel closer to my soul now. Also, I feel that due to the activities I took part of, I want maybe to explore my consciousness, even more than before.I am really grateful, to the entire Sacred Voyage Team, for the amazing work they done, with so much kindness." - George

"It was amazing all the guides were great and caring beautiful people. It brought us answers were looking for and helped us to make much needed changes in are life." - Tracy

"As a psychologist I`m always interested in exploring inner worlds. I had some experiences with workshops and entheogen drugs. But no work leaded me so deep to my inner source like the voyage with you. Your team is building a frame in which I feel myself so secure and protected that my soul can travel in any space, even if it´s dark and cold there. After the time with you I feel myself so strong and calm and my heart is wide open and now I KNOW that there is another reality. The vell of ignorance is gone. A member of our tribe found this beautiful description: “ It´s like a space shuttle with a huge hospital guarded by angels.” Yes, and you make with mama aya this deep healing. Everybody of our tribe bring this energy in the world. We are peacemaker." - Andrea

"I had a great experience which gave me a great insight into my own mind and issues. Location and setting was perfect" - Jay

"I am very thankful for the retreat, and i have only positive thoughts and experience. As the days went on, it was better and better.My journeys went better and better, and as I have heard, not one trip is a like. Mine was pointing in the same direction and I am now working on it to fulfill it, and I love it! Thank you all." - Havard I feel that I did not get what I expected originally as I was looking for a spiritual expirience and perhaps having visions, but instead I had a mental and emotional experience wich was partially painful and partially wonderfull. What this experience has brought me, is that I realised what was going on inside of me and what I needed to do in order to become whole in my everyday life. It has been a really long time since I had that feeling of complete wholeness and pure love, I achieved that while having Ayahuasca and that was a true gift as I remembered why I was here in this life and what I needed to do, and that is to live every moment and cherish everything I already have. It sounds like a simple thing for somebody who did not have Ayahuasca yet, but when you are with It everything is different, everything comes alive, the thoughts, the body, the heart and the feelings. Leonard

"This weekend was, in one word – amazing. It took me a long while to process all that I went through, but I had some very enlightening revelations that have allowed me to move forward in certain areas of my life. The overall feeling I left with was one of inner strength. I had a lot of fear going into the weekend and you all helped me overcome that and I will be forever thankful." - Sherry

"I feel it is the best investment I ever made in my life.It did bring life back into my body, opened my heart, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual level all in the same time. Every ailments I had have been healed, all of them, including anxiety, Raynault syndrome, ADD and food addiction, that is something! I realize they were only energy blockage.I have a totally new approach while practicing trumpet now; I practice playing with the wind creating a life of emotion with it! My experience is still unfolding; I am a universe in expansion. I contain all that I was before including the spirit of the Great Horned Owl. This past weekend, awakening as a bird, I regained my body and my breath. Now, in the nest, I am learning how to move the air with my wings, to feel the resistance that the air is offering. My second next engagement is playing “The Trumpet shall sound” in Handel’s Messiah, what a coincidence… I rejoice! I have decided to play it BY HEART…I am in peace, calm and relax, in the NOW a lot more then ever before, connected. Mother Ayahuasca is teaching me the way thru the heart; I am experimenting the spirit of the Great Horned Owl and she surely knows how to put this bird back on track, I can only surrender to her great wisdom." - Marthe

"I want to share a part of my sacred voyage... It was powerful and intense, dramatic and peaceful at the same time.It started as a beautiful colourful journey, slow, mild and merry. And then suddenly like thunder and lightning, something wrenched inside me, and I dont know where the tears came from. I was crying, wailing and sobbing without knowing the root. It felt as if the tears had to come out, there was no other way. Someone else was controlling the buttons inside me. I went deep inside myself, and for a moment in time, time really stood still. everything became an illusion, my life on earth became an illusion, and I found myself inside a lotus flower or some worm hole, swaying and looking at random events in my life as pages flicked by or petals of a flower turned. It felt strangely familiar as if I’d been to this place before and suddenly it made me question if that is reality and this life on earth is an illusion. I felt sad, scared and very lonely, and wanted to run away from that place. I was fighting it and fighting hard. During such moments, I turned to my Shiva (Bhola) for protection and assurance. I needed to get out. You might have heard me crying out in my stupor – calling out to Bhola. The loneliness and desperation was unbearable also because I heard and felt the cry and pain of fellow voyagers. I couldnt bear the pain. I wanted to get out. The loneliness was very depressing. I had to escape. And then the transformation happened. The sacred chanting kept me grounded. I felt the love, I felt the peace. It gave me a brief glimpse inside myself that God Lives Inside Me. My job is simply to love and love alone. Nothing else matters.Life on Earth is my reality and my most beautiful reality. Savour it, feel it in every atom.Even today, 5 days since, thinking of that loneliness makes me duck in pain and confusion. But I feel I can strangely look into people’s souls now, look deep into their eyes and feel their essence.Whilst travelling on London tubes amonst masses of people, I feel like I love them all I cant stop smiling and the most amazing part is , people really respond when you look into their eyes and smile, friends and strangers alike. Thats been my revelation." - Priya

"This experience has been very positive, I keep very good memories of the week end and everyone involved.It was good to find myself amongst people I wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable with.I opened like I never believed I could. Overall the weekend has brought me a lot of peace and clarity The setting was perfect, in the middle of the countryside, the best way to feel isolated and safe and to wind down." - Alexandre

"I feel like I have entered a fresh beginning which has given me the hunger to explore deeper & further.I enjoyed the Group & hopefully will meet up with some of them in the future. Some of the raw honesty in sharing was inspiring despite the difficulty it was for them." - Aidan

"I loved everything about the retreat. Loved the beautiful people, lovely place and amazing feeling of love and connection. It gave me strength, confidence and released stress and anxiety I was holding in my body. It filled my cells with love and healed my body and soul. It opened my heart, my eyes, my soul and connected me with my higher source. It left me feeling like I was reborn to new life with access to endless love and wisdom. It made me want to spread the love and share it with everyone. It still feels a lot like it, even nearly 6 weeks later. I am very grateful for my experience and I can’t thank TheSacredVoyage enough for allowing me to be part of it. I have no words to express how I feel about Ayahuasca experiences. It was just INCREDIBLE. It changed my life. It transformed my whole existence and lifted me to higher vibrations of feeling love, compassion, happiness, joy, appreciation and everything Goddess. I am very grateful for attending two ceremonies as first one was very little comparing to the second one. All together – I wish everyone in the world could experience what I have." - Ursula

"Before getting into the questionnaire, allow me to say couple of things: Building and running my company left me completely cynical and distrusting of people in general. Dealing with so many problems, greed and cut-throat competition had left me completely unable to trust people who weren’t close to me.The selflessness and kindness with which you guys guided us, and the friendship and love I saw among you guys completely shook all my beliefs, before we even had the ceremony you guys had literally restored my faith in humanity. So thank you very much for that! You guys as a group and individuals touched me just as deeply as Ayahuasca. I will be forever grateful." - Douglas

"The whole environment created the right conditions to feel safe and prepare for this my first time experience. It was perfect for me.Well planned with the perfect exercises and music, as well as loving and experienced guides for the journey who were very instrumental with helping me feel safe and who supported me from the first day and through my voyage. I feel deep gratitude, thankfulness and deep appreciation for their wonderful work." - Daisy

"I feel like 2 months passed by in a weekend.The Ayahuasca brought me inner calm, inner growth, inner peace. My third eye is glowing strong and I feel very satisfied my spirituality has taken more presence.While the ceremony I truly grasped the energetic body being part of my physical body. I can speak with more conviction to people I feel have awaken in understanding their energetic body and can connect with them on a deeper level and understanding.The oneness, connectivity and beauty of our universe is more understood by my inner body.I feel more sensitive to others and more open to share my emotions and love." - Anthony

"Words cannot describe to what I experienced! I went through a very dark and difficult time during the Aya ceremony but the immeasurable love I felt towards the end from all the guides and from the whole universal spirit was ecstatic to say the least. The insight and lessons learnt are so many although I remember quite a few are probably so deep which I cannot verbalise but feel deep within even as I write this now.The atmosphere was simply beautiful, ceremonial space couldn’t be any better, guest house was cozy and inviting. As for as the food, since we didn’t have much (lol) I can’t say much except that the soup that we had on Sat after the sweat lodge and the bread after the voyage was delicious!' Kaizad

"I feel very happy to have been able to have this experience with such amazing guides/friends. It brought new light to how I can be a happier more true to myself person. How to go easier on myself, how to wind down the constant negative feedback in my head and most importantly to feel more loved and accepted in whatever state and feeling whatever emotion. I liked the ceremonial space and it’s atmosphere and the guest house, any issues I had with either were to do with my own negative emotions and worries. The first night coming in I was quite frightened of the new setting and just going straight into mingling with people, maybe meeting someone from the voyage on their own would have helped but this was just my experience maybe others enjoyed that aspect. I found the first day daunting at times but ultimately a very helpful experience. The one problem I had was that I had quite a lot of sadness going in and felt that I needed to be happy to join in with the rest of the participants. I did enjoy much of it and was happy but there were definitely times were I was afraid because they were such joyous activities and I was not feeling as happy and open as either the guides or some of the other participants.My Journey was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life. It was very hard at times but also breath taking at the same time. I experienced being reborn like a wild animal and experiencing all the emotions of fear that come with that. But gradually made my way through degrees of safety in the hands of the wonderful guides who helped me every step of the way, appearing like spiritual gods and goddesses to guide me through the toughest experience of my life. I feel that my first journey was incredibly insightful, things became so clear, and I loved myself and felt the most alive and strong I have ever felt. But there is still much for me to learn, deeper into the rabbit hole, as they say. The music was also beautiful and profound, it guided my every transition during my journey." -Lucas

"Building and running my company left me completely cynical and distrusting of people in general. Dealing with so many problems, greed and cut-throat competition had left me completely unable to trust people who weren’t close to me.The selflessness and kindness with which you guys guided us, and the friendship and love I saw among you guys completely shook all my beliefs, before we even had the ceremony you guys had literally restored my faith in humanity. So thank you very much for that! You guys as a group and individuals touched me just as deeply as Ayahuasca. I will be forever grateful." - Douglas

"My experience it was a direct conection with the Creator,I was part of him for 8 hours,it was intense,incredible profound,and real,I feel it in my heart, but I think human mind can not understand without experiencing. This experience help me to leave behind a relationship that was abusive both emotional and physical without even understand this. Now I can see my life clear and love people more than I ever do. I understand, I feel, we are one." - Gabriela

"I feel grateful, blissed and also a bit concerned about what it would bring to me the challenges in my life onwards.It brought me awareness of my inner self, the powerful and fearful side of it. It brought to me the greatest thing that is the eternal love I felt with Ayahuasca energy, like the air, who hug me and told me everything is ok, like a mother who is gentle and caring. It also validated me who told me that everything is ok and nothing is wrong with the way I am. I guess I could call it self acceptance feeling, which I would bring into practice." - Ying

"I wish there where words to express how grateful I feel to have found the sacred voyage, the setting is as important as the Ayahuasca Journey itself.By far this has been the most profound experience I had ever had. A huge weight got lifted of my shoulders and just feel blessed to have found the love and compassion of the guides, the sacred brew and rest of the group.I’m still processing the whole experience but I can honestly say that it has helped me on a very deep level and it finally answered one of my biggest questions, the music was amazing and a big influence on my journey. I really recommend it to everyone (with experience and without experience with entheogens) the place is beautiful. May all beings be happy I loved the ceremonial space, it really felt like a safe, comfortable, peaceful cozy environment, food was great, loved the teas! instantly felt comfortable everywhere.The dancing was something that I have never had the opportunity to try before, even thought it took me out of my comfort zone it was good and I think it really help unite the group, breath work was quite intense and I would love to try it again." - Nadia

"A perfect place, the guides are like our angels, all the traveler (yes, the lady too) are needed to make it complete, the brewery is delicious in my body and it wakes up all the cells in my body, the music and the clear sound from the speakers was just fantastic, and You guided us in gentle and trustworthy way. I did enjoy this day.My journey was a travel in the “present”, everything was just now, and my ego was quiet. A fantastic way to be. Everything was in motion, in a very smooth way. Mother Ayahuasca showed here self in many strange ways and I love her." - Havard

"It helped me surrender to my feelings. That is not usual, especially not for men. It opend me to love and wonder.The setting was very cosy and secure. The food was good, too.The sharing was very good to get a glimps of the participants intentions. In the beginning the heart dancing was a bit embarrassing, but by doing it, it touched my heart. I was crying while dancing and that was helpful for the breathwork. It opend me to the experience, so I had a breakthrough by doing it. I loved the chakra meditaion and the worship of the Ayahuasca as a sacrament on the second day. When we came to the third eye chakra, my fingers were like communication with it through vibrations. It was oddly easy to let go and let happen. I was like dying, but was able to welcome everything and this definitely because of the good preparation.On the third day, first I was confused, because I thought we would start with the chakra meditation. Maybe it was good to start like that, so the mind was not “prepared”. But I missed something like “now hold the glass to your heart, and invite Mother Ayahuasca into your being”, as some part of a ritual." - Stefan

"Every retreat with Sacred Voyage is superb. This was my first experience of a 2 day ceremony and I really got so much out of it. I could write a thousand words about what Sacred Voyage means to me, but this weekend specifically felt like one long hug from start to finish – just what I needed. My two journeys were very different, the first was very visual and strong going deep into other realms then coming back into the ceremony room. It was about purpose and meaning and understanding the big picture of my life. The second ceremony was calm and gentle, keeping me continuously in the journey butshowing me subtle energies of my experience, and bringing me out of the journey only to observe the ceremony room, to watch over my friends and to reflect.I loved having two ceremonies in the weekend and hope to attend such weekends in the future." - Jo

"Regarding the facilitators I would just say that you all created a an amazing space. A safe space for traveling, being yourself, being vulnerable, for having amazing and healing experiences. I am still amazed when thinking of how you create this opportunity for growth for all of us. Thank you!" - Erik

"It brought me a whole new world, I see things and people differently, it`s like I see theirs heart, not their “doings” Hege

"I came away disappointed this time. The reason was my inability to drink the aya and get the experiences and benefits that I know the journey can bring. I really felt I needed a powerful experience this time – and was almost depending on receiving it. Various reasons for this including a health scare that had shaken me.There were positive aspects and experiences – the breathwork was powerful, and meeting friends that I already knew and wonderful new people as always. I was unsure on the day of the second aya session as to what I felt. There was a lot of uncertainty and ambivalence. I thought for a time that not drinking was ok as a choice for me, but it became clear very soon after that it was the wrong choice." - Ken

"How do you feel about your experience this retreat and what did it bring you?– A huge experience, and it gives me a lot of reflections about concrete things that’s is happening in my life at this time.How did you experience the setting (the atmosphere, ceremonial space, guest house and food etc.)?– Different of what I had expected, but it was super good.How did you experience the first day (preparation) with sharing, heart dancing and holotropic breath work?– It was exciting, but I was looking much forward to the second day.How did you experience the second day with the Ayahuasca ceremony? – I was really nervous, but also very excited. The first time I only drank 1 glass, and I got a good and a gently experience.How did you experience the third day with the Ayahuasca ceremony?– Again, a feeling of that I was safe and good, the things I experienced gave me a good meaning. Still in the weeks after, and still does." - Bente

"Maybe i have gone crazy but i think i have just realised i am the very consciousness of the Universe My arm seems to have healed from a serious injury… what you have given us is truly beyond all treasure… such blessings upon youThe guides were VERY VERY good. i feel such gratitude to you all." - Matthew

"I feel enormously great full for experiencing this trip. I have learned and realized so much of myself in such a short time. I feel my heart has been opened more and I feel more connection to my own vulnerability and what I truly want. I feel that my true journey is just beginning.The location was excellent. It was close to the airport and in beautiful nature. The staff was lovely, and even was happy to share recipes." - Yasmin

"Completely connected with myself & the group & the guides, feeling loved and accepted. It thought me to connect with my true self, to follow/listen what my heart says & less what the mind says. Surrender/trust and all will be OK:).The cabin was cute & cosy & clean, showers with great pressure. But the FOOD, oh the food is truly amazing (soups were delicious) and hats off to the staff." - Tanya

"It’s been a week since the voyage now and I’ve been dancing on ?air ever since, with no signs that this will change. Something feels different, though it’s difficult to pin down exactly what. The world simply looks even more beautiful than it did before. I’ve got a crystal-clear focus on where my energy should be directed for the next few years and a new energy with which to pursue this." - Paul

"Thank you all for this wonderful experience. I’m actually writing this with tears rolling down my cheek. To sum up my week, it was all about love for me. To open up and share, to cry the tears I couldn’t cry before. To let go of all my stored energy, (all the filth and shit and hate and anger and death just let it gooo?) ?… This experience really helped me by giving me the extra push and courage to open up truly and I feel liberated in many ways. I have been tormented by illness, pity, self hate, shame, guilt most of my life. I can finally breathe and be me. This experience was profound for me. Thank you thank you thank you? The location could not have been better, it really enforces the whole goal to come back to our nature. The housing was excellent simple and comfortable. I just love our group, a little intimidating at first to share with such a big group but after 5min of heart dancing it didn’t matter anymore. Really looking forward to going again. The food, the staff, surroundings all very good." - David

"In general i feel that i have been gone for 10 years of my life and changed so much that everything feels so new, so fresh. Empty in a good way where i feel that i can and will fell the void with new creations of my inner sources. Like layers and layers has been removed. I feel blessed, tired but strong. Integration is under constant construction. I only experienced love, hospitality and kindness. The location itself was so perfect for its purpose." - Rima

"I feel deep appreciation and gratitude, it’s been amazing to attend such a wonderful retreat and connect with so many beautiful people. I came out of this with a lot of insights, joy and strength. The location was perfect. Beautiful nature and everything really well organized. I would definitely go back there again without thinking about it." - David

"For me, it was a small but very brave first step on the journey of finding who I am. I feel extremely grateful in a way I can barely describe – I felt more at home than I have in the last 20 years and realised so many difficult and beautiful things about myself and my path. I also received so much love and help…this too, has been foreign to me for a long time and as I write this, tears come down my eyes. The location was beautiful. Literally back to nature. I loved everything about it and felt at peace there. The staff were so kind and full of light. The food was something else! So grateful." - Irena

"Fantastic, just as imagined, and then some. It brought back the true nature, usualy masked by the reality supression valve of the mind. While last year the ceremonies mostly gravitated around unchaining the heart ( love refrained/ caged transformed into love flowing free/ unrestrained), opening the eyes wide (and turning them towards the sky), Beauty (of all there is), Extasy (as in outside the body/ highest form of awareness) , AHA moments (regarding the true nature of “reality”), and the inherent underlying playfullness and humour of the universe ….this year the ceremonies revealed a certain RAW-ness, a penetrating visceral life force, a joy of vitality, a remembrance of our long lost animal nature, with the power animals rising from the depth, and the ancestral archetypes of the collective unconscious comming to life, all this with an underlying earth shattering lust for life. The mother helps the weak become less weak and it helps the strong become even stronger. Intend to voyage at least once a year for the rest of this life , in a sacred manner and in a proper ceremonial space, and with due preparation and integration as part of the process, in the pursuit of an ever expanding consciousness, on the path of mystical ascension and spiritual elevation. I cannot think of another team then the Sacred Voyage for this purpose and having tried three other teams in South America I find their particular methods, their energy and especialy the complete utter loving devotion to the process , superior to everything experienced so far, and makes me look no further , as can hardly imagine something better (and for a seasoned researcher and curious George that I am that is quite something). All in all, found my tribe." - Paul

"I had so wonderful journeys. I learned what expectations can do with me, and that to really leave the expectations is MAGIC for me. I did not see collors and stuff, and when I let go of expectations, it was so perfect. The good, love-ing feeling which i got duering the week is still with-in me. I am in a peace full place." - Havard

"It was the most amazing experience, full of love and oneness. The retreat helped build greater confidence on my journey in life and give strength and courage.Ayahuasca is just magical and helped change my life in a very positive and profound way. I am no longer scared to take risks and living a more fulfilling and rewarding life thanks to ayahuasca which helped remove blockades and tame my ego. It’s worked wonders and I can’t thank mother ayahuasca enough for her help."Sukh