1. What does a retreat look like?

All our retreats contain a preparatory program before working with the medicine plant Voyahuasca. With us you never just get the brew or truffles. If you choose The Sacred Voyage, you choose a full package in which you are asked to discover and explore your own inner world, with an open mind, open heart and in connection with other participants and the team. It is an awareness process in which you can reconnect with your own soul path. It is obliged to stay overnight after the ceremony day. This is for your own safety and the possible continued working of the medicine plant during the night. 

International retreats with plant medicine are organized mainly in The Netherlands. We organize several kind of retreats in The Netherlands. See the calendar for dates.

2. What to bring to a retreat? 

Bedding and towels for rent at the venue (€ 15 bring cash). You can also bring your own sheet, duvet cover and pillow cover. Staying overnight is included in the retreat price. 

Bedding and towels available at the location. Staying overnight and bedding are included in the retreat price. 

Zaandam: no staying overnight from March 2020 on. 

For all ceremonies we ask you to bring white clothes (or light) to create a field of unity and connection together. During the rest of the retreat wear comfortable clothes, layers of clothes (cold/warm), flipflops or shoes easily to take on and off.

3.When am I registered for a retreat? 

You are only registered for a retreat when you have paid the full amount and completed the intake form. The intake form needs to be approved by us.
No payment is no registration = the spot is not reserved for you.

4. I first want information before I order a product and pay in the webshop. How does that work?

You can ask your questions via the registration form on our website, but first check the FAQ to see if your question is not already listed.

5. How do I know if there are spots available for a retreat?

If you can buy a spot in the webshop then there are still spots available. We have changed our system of registration so only after payment your spot is reserved. Sometimes if they are only a few spots left it is shown in the calendar. If there is no product in the webshop available anymore for your retreat please contact us.

6. How do I prepare for a retreat? Do I need to follow a diet?

Start at least 3 days in advance with soup and juice fasting. Also take into account the list of products that you are not allowed to eat during those 3 days because they don't go with MAO inhibitors. It's advisable if you experience the mother plant to fast for a longer period (up till 7 days).

Also stop using supplements at least 3 days before the retreat. Furthermore, it is good to make sure that you can relax in the run-up to the retreat by, for example, meditation, little social media, walking, etc. It may be nice to focus on an intention for your journey, but this is not necessary.

7. Required forms?

Before payment you will answer questions in an intake form, part 1 of the intake. To guarantee your safety you need to give truthful answers. Then payment can be done.

Part 2 of the intake is a preparation with setting the intention for the Voyahuasca. Bring this to the retreat.

Voyahuasca Agreement: fill in the Voyahuasca Agreement and take it with you (signed) to the retreat (see ).

Note: make sure if you get vaccinated you have a tleast 3 weeks in between the jab and the retreat (safety reasons)

8. How often do I need to complete the intake?

For every retreat we need to have your intake. It is not possible to use a former intake form. Every retreat you book for, we want you to be prepared with the specific intention for the retreat.

9. Registration procedure, when do I get which information?

After registration and payment of the retreat you will automatically receive a confirmation email with reference to the required information regarding preparation, program, what to bring and location to be found on our website.

10. Fasting with bicarbonate and lemon: why and when not

This is to ensure that your system is detoxed as much as possible when you Voyage. This allows the medicine plant to enter your system more easily and will be able to work in more depth. Bi-carbonate can cause diarrhea and headache: do listen to your body with the amount you are taking.

11.Fasting during the travel day for international tips to organize your food

You can bring salad / soup and rice cakes. Along the way you can buy juice (pay attention to the added ingredients, so please be as pure as possible). Furthermore, drink plenty of water and tea.

12. Feedback form, when will I receive it?

You will no longer automatically receive a feedback form from us. In the confirmation email you will also receive a link to the feedback form on our website. We would greatly appreciate it if you would complete this after participating in the retreat and return it by e-mail so that we can learn from your experience and, where possible, optimize it.

13. What is the minimum age to register for a retreat with medicine plants?

18 years

14. Where do the medicine plants come from?

We buy all our ingredients from a Dutch supplier. They import them from all over. Caapi (MAO-inhibitor) from South America.

The Syrian Rue (MAO-inhibitor) from Pakistan.

The truffles (psilocybine) are grown in The Netherlands.

15. What is the amount of servings?

In a ceremony with Voyahuasca you get a MAO-inhibitor as a drink in a glass and a maximum of 15 grams of truffles.

16. How can the various locations be reached by public transport?

See the part INFORMATION/Zaandam/Havelte on the website.

OV9292/ENG gives information about public transport and via google maps on your phone.

Portugal: Faro Airport is closest to the venues.

17. What is the difference of Ayahuasca and Voyahuasca

Ayahuasca consists of two ingredients, a MAO-inhibitor and the second one contains DMT. Ayahuasca is illegal in The Netherlands since October 2019 so we don't facilitate ceremonies in Holland anymore.

Voyahuasca contains a MAO-inhibitor (Caapi or Syrian Rue) and psilocybin (fresh truffles).

18. Microdosing, how long in advance should I stop?

(Psilocybin) At least 1 week before a retreat you should stop you with microdosing.

If you microdose with iboga, you should stop at least 2 months in advance.

19. What are contra indications for plant medicines such as Voyahuasca?

You must stop at least 2 months before a healing weekend / retreat and always in consultation with your specialist/ doctor.

High blood pressure:
Your upper pressure may not exceed 130. 
If you use medication for blood pressure it's a contra indication. 

Beta blockers:
These are a contra indication

Hard drugs:
Cocaine, speed, mdma, heroin, ghb, ketamine, cannabis No use of these drugs for at least one month before and after the retreat because they can be dangerous in combination with the MAO-inhibitor.

You must have had at least 2 months between your iboga experience and the experience with Voyahuasca.

If you are pregnant you cannot participate in a weekend or retreat, both with breath work and plant medicine. This is to prevent your fetus / baby from being prematurely driven away by the intense emotional and physical processes that can take place.

If you breastfeed after your pregnancy, that's fine. You only have to throw the milk away during the fast, the retreat and at least 1 day after the ceremony.

Kidney diseases:
Kidney diseases are a contra indication

Heart diseases, neurological disorders and stomach disorders
Severe neurological disorders,  heart and vascular diseases (like angina pectoris), brain haemorrhages,  abnormal blood cells, gastric bypass or other stomach surgeries are a contra indication.

With PTSD no Voyaging in a group. Individual sessions are possible. Individual Voyaging or mdma therapy session only (see research):

Psychiatric indication
Psychiatric indications like borderline, schizophrania, bi polar and (predisposition to) psychosis are contra indication as well. If you are in therapeutic treatment with a psychiatrist or psychologist (not on own initiative), you first need to discuss participation and send us a written advice from your therapist if you want to join one of our retreats with ceremony. 

We ask at least to have 3 weeks in between (booster) (Covid) vaccination and ceremony. We take that safety period because the effects of the combination of the vaccines and mao-inhibitor are not known yet. 

20. Is epilepsy a contra indication?

Epilepsy is a contra-indication.

21. Can I use medication together with plant medicine?

Use of medication and plant medicines like Voyahuasca (MAO inhibitor) must ALWAYS be checked with a doctor / pharmacist if it can be combined with a MAO- inhibitor. SSRI medication (anti depressants) are a contra indication and cannot be combined with a MAO-inhibitor. Let us know about your medication. 

In case of doubt or uncertainty about medication or whether or not it is allowed, we choose the safe path for you as a participant and for us as an organization and we will not let you participate.

22. Can Voyahuasca be a substitute for a consultation with the PhD, specialist, doctor or therapist?

Ceremonies, workshops and retreats at The Sacred Voyage are meant for personal and spiritual development and can never replace the work of doctors, psychiatrists or therapists in any way. We recommend to always consult your physician or psychiatrist before considering a Voyahuasca ceremony.

23. Anti-conception pill

You can continue to take the anti-conception, because these are natural hormones.

24. Can I take supplements?

Stop taking supplements 3 days before the retreat with Voyahuasca.

25. How can I become a guide?

Being a guide at The Sacred Voyage is voluntary. Only by partaking in The Soul Coach Training (module 1 and/or 2) you can become a guide. After this training we'll have an interview with you. The next step is to be an Assistant guide for 1 year. In this year you guide with at least in 6 retreats of The Sacred Voyage. Every guide gets feedback from the facilitator in lead of the retreat. With approval, after this year you become officially a guide in the team.

26. Can I do voluntarily work for The Sacred Voyage?

Only as a guide you can do voluntarily work. The work we do is based on creating a safe atmosphere. We only work with people we have trained in our Dutch Yeartraining or in the international Soul Coach training modules.

27. Accommodation costs included or excluded?

Our in Zaandam is our own. The price is excluded accommodation costs. Our Dutch year training is being held here and Sacred Breath workshops. We don't facilitate plant medicine retreats anymore in Zaandam. Staying overnight after a plant medicine ceremony is obligatory. Havelte is a more luxurious location we hire. Staying overnight is in shared double or triple rooms. Accommodation costs for Havelte are included. Bedding isn't (€ 15 per person, to be paid in cash upon arrival). Accommodation costs for other venues mostly need to be paid separate (see calendar). In Portugal the overnight stay is in 2p cabins, double, triple or 6p rooms. We hire two different locations. At 1 location the food needs to be paid in cash. Accommodation costs and bed sheets are included.

28. What about flight and transfer costs

Flight and transfer arrangements are always excluded. In our closed Facebook group requests for flying or driving together (taxi) are commonly done.

What kind of retreats and trainings does The Sacred Voyage facilitate?


  • 4 days International Voyahuasca retreats with 2 Voyahuasca ceremonies, see calendar

  • 3 days Magical Child with 1 Voyahuasca ceremony 

  • 3 days Rebirth of the Soul, without plant medicine

  • 1 or 2 day Sacred Breath/ Breathwork  

  • 6 day Summer retreat Living the life of your dreams!


7 day retreat photo impression 4


  • 4 days Essence of Being with 2 mother plant ceremonies
  • 3-4 days Rebirth of the Soul, A once in a lifetime adventure of self discovery and healing, no plant medicin
  • 5 days Rebirth of the Soul with 2 mother plant ceremonies
  • 9-days international Soul Coach training, module 1
  • Training to become a facilitator for ceremonies and breathwork; 
  • 6 days international Soul Coach training, module 2
  • Training to become a facilitator with soul retrieval, light of compassion and more

Portugal 4 daagse collage

Payment and cancellation policy

  • Only after full payment your spot is registered.
  • Administration costs (also called 'down payment'/deposit) are non refundable: Depending on the length of the retreat it is between € 50 and € 250.
  • Full payment includes administration costs.
  • Full payment of the registration amount for a retreat must be paid within 4 weeks after registration and at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the retreat.
  • Or immediately after registration within 4 weeks before the start of the retreat.
  • If the full amount has not been paid on time, registration will be canceled. The administration costs will not be refunded.
  • Non-refundable after cancellation:
  • More than 4 weeks before the start of the retreat: the administration costs is non-refundable:
  • Between 4 weeks and the start of the retreat: full payment is non-refundable.
  • In the event of cancellation, the participant may, after tuning with The Sacred Voyage, have someone else replace him if he or she meets the admission requirements for participation.
  • In this case, only the administration costs is non-refundable. The new participant must pay the administration costs immediately. After receiving the administration costs from the new participant, the participant who has canceled will be refunded his remaining payment (full payment minus administration costs).
  • When you need to cancel due to Covid crisis your deposit is non refundable neither to be rescheduled (due to the venue costs we need to pay for anyway). The remaining fee can be rescheduled.