About the trainers

Whether you choose a Soul Coaching course or the joyful dance of Heartdancing Coaching, our passionate trainers are ready to guide you on this adventurous path.

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Tanja Faber

founder - trainer - coach - training director

Loving, Warm & Dedicated

Tanja, together with Lars, was at the forefront of developing the De Gewijde Reis setting. She provides (international) Soul Coach training in the Netherlands and Portugal, women's work, works with couples and provides individual coaching. Her passion is dancing, where Heartdancing was founded in 2011. She also provides training in this. Heartdancing is an important part of all DGR retreats and training. Tanja is university educated and has been following workshops in the field of personal development for many years, including: Focusing, Intuitive development, Voice Dialogue, EFT, Queenscode, Tantra, dance, Wheel of Consent, Heart connection, full body dearmouring and breathwork (including various holotropic training modules). breathwork followed at GTT). She is also trained as a Kundalini Touch facilitator. Tanja is felt and experienced by many participants as very loving, very experienced, authentic, grounded and genuinely involved.

Supporting Team

Tanja works with experienced team members from De Gewijde Reis in the various courses.
They have all followed training(s) at De Gewijde Reis.
New supervisors who have just completed the training can join each training year. In addition to, of course, a team of experienced supervisors.



Petra van Bekkum

Ceremonial leader, big heart and dedicated

The first Voyages with The Sacred Voyage were during the Summer retreat of 2017. After this retreat she became aware of beautiful insights of life. Twenty years ago she started her training in natural health and nutrition to heal her physical body and became a cook and therapist. This led automatically to her desire to explore the spiritual depths of life. After the year’s training 'The Rebirth of the Soul’ of The Sacred Voyage she felt definitely reborn and enjoys life more than ever. Being able to play in life, allowing herself to make mistakes and to be compassionate towards herself and people have seen the light. Petra has been part of the team of The Sacred Voyage for 6 years now. A lot of experiencing in guiding during ceremonies and retreats and an experienced ceremonial leader. The creation of the field of safety and immense compassion during the retreats reminds her of the magnificence of life. 

Petra is part of the international Soul Coach team since 2022. She facilitates ceremonies where students can learn and experience in a loving field. 

 Mona website 

Mona van Gemert

Ceremonial leader, intuitive, pure and open

Mona can be described as a woman with an open mind and open heart in search of her truth. She combines softness with strength, clarity with warm involvement and sensitivity with determination. Mona has been searching for who she is for a long time and in that search has seen through and let go of many survival strategies. This life experience has allowed her to understand many people with similar themes and help them face their fears. Her encouragement and reflection help many travelers go one step deeper. She is trained as a mindfulness trainer and (breathing) coach and has years of experience with consciousness training, Being orientation and tantra. Her heart lies in guiding people who want to grow spiritually and get to know themselves deeply. You could call her a spiritual life coach. Travelers really feel seen by her and experience her as a radiant wise angel. She feels born to do this fulfilling and rewarding work. Mona has been part of the team in the international modules of Soul Coach for several years. She is honest in sharing feedback with students and knows how to tackle all kinds of situations.

Mona has been part of the team in Soul Coach international modules for several years. She is honest in sharing feedback to the students and knows how to deal in all kinds of situations.