In the beautiful nature of Algarve we rent a beautiful venue.  Faro Airport is closest to the location. Being in nature makes it easier to dive deep into the work we offer and letting go of daily worries.

We have a beautiful retreat with the profound methods, most of them developed by Lars Faber: A once in a lifetime adventure of self discovery and healing.

This is part of The Sacred Voyage's most advancd healing program. All our knowledge and experience is focused in this program, that is build around Rumi's famous quote: "The Wound is the Place where the Light enters". This retreat contains two medicin plant ceremonies.

Our  documentary Rebirth of the Soul was filmed in Portugal. In this documentary you can watch the several methods we use (and teach) in our retreats and courses.  

Since 2024 we only facilitate once a year, a 5 day retreat with two mother plant medicine ceremonies. 

  • 5 day retreat Healing, Bliss & Magic
  • international Soul Coach modules (see calendar)

Please read the information carefully so you know what to expect.

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Portugal 5 day retreat with plant medicine

5 day retreat: Healing, Bliss & Magic

This 5 day retreat is all about Healing, Bliss and Magic! A new retreat in The Sacred Voyage, with new elements and experiences, but with the same safety, loving and experienced guiding as always. 

Tanja and her team will take you to magical places, of course inside of you. To be able to feel blessed and bliss, to experience magic and love, to heal old trauma and pain, to (re)find what you have lost along the way,  so you feel liberated and freed at the end of this retreat. Ready to take your next step in life. 

Part of the program are Kundalini Touch, cacao ceremony, breathwork sessions, Soul Retrieval, two plant ceremonies and more.  Tanja will facilitate Heartdancing, breathwork, Soul Retrieval, Kundalini Touch and the cacao ritual. Ceremonies will be led by ceremonial leaders. 

The venue is situated in nature, in a valley only 25 minutes from Faro in the Algarve. A team of experienced guides will support your processes .  

Arrival on the 25 June 2024 between 4-9 pm. Start program on 26 June. Checkout on 30 June before 5 pm. It is possible to stay an extra night, extra costs to be paid at venue. 
Price: € 895  including accommodation and food, and a delicious breakfast and lunch buffet on the last day of the retreat. 
Depending on the amount of participants there will be either one program for all, or simultaneous programs like in our 6 day former Summer retreats (but all with the content mentioned above, only in different order). 
Language: English

This retreat is led by founder Tanja Faber-Baetsen, co-founder of The Sacred Voyage. She will be supported by experience ceremonial leaders and (international) Sacred Voyage team members. 


6 day Soul Coach Training (module 2)

In the 6 day international Soul Coach Training (2) Tanja Faber will be teaching the techniques: Soulretrieval, Sacred Language of the Heart (Breathwork & Human Pendulum) and  the powerful Light of Compassion meditation. You will experience these techniques as a participant, and you learn how to facilitate them/ guide them.

This training is for therapists, professionals, coaches and everyone who would like to know more about guiding in a safe setting, to be able to support participants in personal processes of healing & transformation.  For those with there own practice, for those who would like to start their own practice and for everyone who would like to work with plant medicine and expand their tools in healing practices.
In this training two ceremonies will take place, one to guide, one as a participant. The ceremonies will be led by an experienced ceremonial leader and Tanja as a supervisor. 

It is not obliged to have done Soul Coach Training (1) first. You can attend the modules in random order. It is preferred that you have experience with plant medicine. 

This training is lead by Tanja Faber-Baetsen, co-founder of the Sacred Voyage and her team. 

In the document below you will find the preparations for this training:

Preperation document

Intake form

To guarantee the safety of our participants we need to know about their health.  Please complete the intake form when you registered for a Mother Plant retreat. Return the intake by e-mail to us. Fill out this form:

Intake form

Plant Medicine Agreement

Please print, read and sign in advance the Plant Medicine agreement and hand it over to one of our facilitators on the first day of the healing retreat.


MAO Inhibitor

Many medication cannot be combined with the MAO-inhibitor in plant medicin. Read the MAO-inhibitor carefully so you know what 'MAO-inhibitor' means and when it can be danguerous to use medicine plants.

MAO Inhibitor