Calendar 2024 Portugal retreat & Soul Coach courses

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Calendar 2024 


15 June: Workshop day in Holland with Tanja Faber, Heartdancing®, Cacao ceremony & Kundalini Touch session, Zaandam, € 125 (register by email

25-30 June: PORTUGAL 5 day Healing, Bliss & Magic retreat: inner & tribal journey led by Tanja Faber & team, Portugal- Algarve, € 895 (including accommodation/food); with Kundalini Touch, cacao ceremony, breathwork sessions, Soul Retrieval, two mother plant plant ceremonies and more (FULL, waiting list)


5 April: pre final party Sacred Voyage venue in Zaandam, Sacred Temple: cacao ritual & Ecstatic Dance with Lars & Tobi Faber, € 20 online or cash at the door (Oostzijde 355, Zaandam, The Netherlands)

27 July: FINAL PARTY FOR VENUE ZAANDAM with Tanja, Lars & Tobias Faber: Heartdancing & Ecstatic Dance, Oostzijde 355, Zaandam, € 25 (online or cash at the door)


6 day Soul Coach international training, module III, led by Tanja Faber - with Time line/ Biography, shadowwork (ceremonies/breathwork), music in ceremonies, integrity & consent/touch, and of course 2 plant ceremonies (to February 2025 in The Netherlands)


26 October: Grand Opening (workshops & Ecstatic Dance) in our new venue Sacred Voyage in Oegstgeest/Leiden (more info soon)


2-7 November: 6 day international Soul Coach training, module II, Soul Retrieval,   Breathwork special, two plant medicine ceremonies, led by Tanja Faber and team, Portugal, Algarve, € 1.595 (food /accommodation included)

Calendar 2025


11-16  February 2025: 6 day international Soul Coach training, module III (shadow work, music in ceremonies, time line and of course ceremonies) led by Tanja Faber & team, Gelderland, The Netherlands, € 1.750 (including accommodation and food). 


21-29 May 2025: 9 day international Soul Coach training, module I (breathwork sessions, basics in guiding, preparing ceremonies & 4 ceremonies), led by Tanja Faber & team, Portugal, € 2.495 (including accommodation/food)


25-29 June 2025: Portugal 5 day special retreat led by Tanja Faber, incl two ceremonies (led by ceremony leader), Algarve, € 975 (incl accommodation/food), registration open soon


8-12 October 2025: 4 day Womens retreat in Portugal, led by Tanja Faber, including 2 ceremonies led by a ceremony leader, € 850 (incl accommodation/food)