Release Documentary about our work

The documentary Rebirth of the Soul about our work was released on 4th of January 2020. We had our work filmed in a retreat in Portugal where 13 participants were willing to share and have their intimate processes been filmed so we could show you how we work, what methods we use at the Sacred Voyage and the setting we create to provide a safe space. We are very proud of the result made by Thijs Tuijt & Naomi van Ree (TT Film) which really covers our work well.


You can experience this Rebirth of the Soul retreats which we faciltate in the Netherlands (without medicinplants) and in Portugal (with and without medicinplants). 


Dates in 2020:

6-8 March, Zaandam, 3 day retreat (without medicinplants)

29  March - 4 April, Portugal, 5 day retreat (with medicinplants)

6-11 June, 4 day retreat (without medicinplants)


Watch our documentary: 


Gouden penseelstreek



Since this Summer 2019 we work with a new plant medicin combination: Voyahuasca. Already 50 participants have experienced this beautiful smooth and deep Voyage during our highlight of the year, our 7 day retreat. In our film we explain what Voyahuasca is and you can hear participants share their experience. 


Lars & Tanja Faber will facilitate these new retreats Voyahuasca - Magical Child, the first one in November in Holland! Click on the picture below to watch the film.






Gouden penseelstreek