The Sacred Voyage stops facilitating Ayahuasca retreats in The Netherlands


1 October 2019



The Sacred Voyage has decided to immediately stop facilitating retreats with Ayahuasca in The Netherlands BUT we will continue to work with the beautiful plant combination Voyahuasca (Mao-inhibitor and Psilocybine (truffles), 100% legal.


Despite the over 15 years received feedback of our participants in which is described how life changing and healing and so many positive effects have been achieved, we do feel it's time and necessary to stop working with the Mother Plant. The negative publicity concerning Ayahuasca (and a deadly incident), the law and more strict enforcement of the law (1 October Supreme Court Ruling in Santo Daime church) are the cause of making this decision. Most important is that we don't want to endanger anyone attending our retreats neither our team and ceremonial leaders nor our own beautiful organization, ourselves and our family.  



Of course we continu factilitating our beautiful work to (re)connect people with their essence, their heart & soul. Only without Ayahuasca in The Netherlands. We do have so powerful other methods to reconnect with our beings like breathwork, voice expression, dance, Soulretrieval, Core Wound and of course Voyahuasca (which is completely legal).

Our Inner Child, Rebirth of the Soul retreats & Soul Coach trainings in Portugal will be continued. 


This means that all our planned Ayahuasca retreats in The Netherlands will be converted to Voyahuasca retreats lead by Lars and/or Tanja Faber or one of our ceremonial leaders. 


We would like to thank everyone who has decicated their heart and soul in working, supporting, and guiding at our Ayahuasca retreats in the Netherlands. A special thank you to our great team of guides and ceremonial leaders. And thank you to all participants who have experienced one or more of our Ayahuasca retreats. Thanks to your feedback we were able to improve our work and setting. We have all made the world a bit better and have planted seeds for growing consciousness. Let's continue doing so but now without Ayahuasca. She will continue to do her work elsewhere. 


We hope to meet you again in one of our retreats with Voyahuasca or without medicin plants.  In October we will be producing a film about the work we do without de plant medicins.  Work that has a deep, healing and profound effect, just like working with plant medicins.  As soon as this film is ready we will announce it in our newsletter and on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/728065887662435/). 




Lars & Tanja Faber



Gouden penseelstreek (3)


"The preparation day was very positive, astoundingly so. An important part of the weekend. The tearing down of personal borders in combination with personal bonding are, in my view an integral part of the whole experience. Especially the effect of Breathwork surprised me."

- Pontus


"I feel it was a very good (and crazy :)) experience which brought me a lot of insights about myself, which I hope to integrate in my life."

- Eiglil

"I felt I was reborn as new being, refreshed and energized in every part of my being. Freed from all my past mental and emotional blockages and at the same time empowered and infused with the love of the entire universe.

What I received from Mother Ayahuasca was a thousandfold more than what I asked or what I could have imagined of receiving.


I am profoundly grateful for this awakening experience to everyone of the Sacred Voyage the guides and the kindred souls that gathered there for their own journeys."



- Christian


"Beforehand I had read and listened to a lot of things about Ayahuasca. I knew what the drug/medicine was about and had my own reasons for wanting to do it. The experience itself was brilliant. Very grounding. Kirsty and I really grew as a couple during our trip.  "

- Kirsty and Andy








The healing power of The Sacred Voyage

Experience one of our (former) Ayahuasca & now Voyahuasca ceremonies in this short documentary.