Our locations


Since June 2019 we left our beloved venue at the countryside in the Northern Part of Holland after 11 years. The Sacred Voyage still has one own venue in Holland, which is where workshops, retreats and ceremonies are held. This venue is as complete as special. Additionally, we also rent locations for (smaller & large) retreats in North Holland, Limburg,  Overijssel (all situated in The Netherlands) and Portugal. Click on the location on the right or scroll down to view the venue.



North Holland


Our location near Schiphol / Amsterdam airport is very centrally located in the Netherlands, and is both spacious and atmospheric. This is where, among other things, we teach our one-year training program, and where we offer numerous other workshops and ceremonies. Although its exterior wouldn’t immediately suggest it, most people feel right at home here once entered; the space has a pleasant, warm atmosphere. There is a beautiful terrace along the River Zaan, where you can enjoy the sun or take a refreshing dive in the river during breaks.