We also organize festivals and events without Ayahuasca and Iboga.

Supreme Lovers

Supreme Lovers are lovers of life, of people, of intimacy. We live from our hearts and acknowledge our divine nature as sensual & sexual beings. We use our life to live up to our full potential.

The Supreme Lovers festivals teach us to be the best lovers possible. Great teachers encourage us to be Supreme Lovers. 

By freeing ourselves from fear, shame, and old pain – our true nature can emerge from deep within. We celebrate our divine essence with incredibly sexy music, dance, chill out, and massage. We provide and contain a safe as well as a tempting space where you can explore your sensuality and sexuality at your own pace. We organize Supreme Lovers festivals and events on a regular base.

 For dates see our Calendar


‘I see you’ comes from the movie Avatar.

It means: I see your true nature, you mirror me, in essence we are alike
And we want to celebrate this (sacred) recognition!

At our festivals and events you will meet trainers, guides, and participants who are open to and willing to experience this soul-connection.

We organize I SEE YOU festivals and events on a regular base.

For dates see our Calendar

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