In 2009 we started also working with the African root Iboga. The energy and reach of Iboga is completely different than Ayahuasca. Where Ayahuasca is called the liane of the soul, Iboga is called the root of the earth. And that is exactly what Iboga will bring you: Grounding.

Iboga helps you to incarnate and to connect with the earth and your roots.

In our centre we choose to work traditionally with the whole root of Iboga – served as powder – instead of only serving the Ibogaine – which is only one ingredient of the root.

Iboga has proven useful in the following areas:

  • Processing karma
  • Clearing family patterns; connection with ancestors
  • Becoming free from addictions
  • Freeing yourself from negative thought- and behavioural patterns
  • Reaching inner peace and higher consciousness.

The journey with Iboga is an inner one. Our (spiritual) ego is often very attached to our personal story and our ‘insights’ and ‘wisdom’. Iboga is not interested in you or your story. It will bring you back to your true nature, which is quiet and still. Some describe this as the defragmentation of your hard disc; removing software and bad blocks no longer needed.

Iboga sets the symbolic process of dying in motion. You prepare to say goodbye to the old and to welcome the new. You will end up in realms of deep stillness. Your ego will defend itself against this by its usual defence mechanisms. Iboga will help you face and free yourself of these ego-mechanisms and patterns. This makes the effectiveness of Iboga so profound.

It enables many people to overcome even their most severe addictions. A lot of people who have used Iboga speak of a deep and profound feeling of inner peace and quietness, lasting weeks and even months after the ceremony.

Iboga ceremony the Origin: back to your roots. 3 Day

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The Origin: The Iboga will help you connect with your deepest roots.

This is a three-step-process:

  1. Quitting your addictions and neuroses, taking good care of yourself and become vital.
  2. Connecting with meaningful people who will support you no matter what.
  3. Pursuing your life’s mission; becoming responsible and standing on your own two feet.

We regularly organize the Origin ceremonies (in English) with Iboga. The groups consist of a maximum of 10 participants and a team of 2-3 guides. Iboga ceremonies are led by Celine Groenestein. Costs for the Iboga ceremony are 495 Euros.

The first day we prepare ourselves as a group by sharing our intentions and focus; both of which are very important when you are going to use Iboga. Participation without intention or focus is of little use. After the sharing there is a Holotropic breath work session. After the Holotropic breath work, we continue the Iboga ceremony, lying down, in the ceremonial room, the journey will continue for about two days then. Most of this time will be spend in the darkness and in silence. In total we serve 10 servings of Iboga, one serving every hour.

The second night we have a meal (soup) together and after that we have a trance dance to help you ground and make the transition to the next phase; towards your new life! After this, some participants will sleep, for some the Iboga will continue to do its work in a wakeful state. The next morning we have breakfast together, we go for a walk in the forest and share our experiences.

The effects after an Iboga ceremony are various. Some report an immediate powerful and grounded energy, a lot of action-potential, fast decision-making, and an easiness to accomplish things. This is often combined with a very clear mind and strong awareness.
Some people report feeling deeply tired, they sleep for 10-14 hours a night for weeks. Iboga brings you back to your natural state of being; when you have exhausted yourself for a long time sleep will help you recover and heal.

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Cleaning the pineal gland & Ibogaine

Cleaning and detoxing the pineal gland is useful for those who develop their connection to their soul and free spirit, and improve their perception outside their 5 regular senses and concerning their 6th sense. The cleansing of the pineal gland is important when you want access to multidimensional perception. The pineal gland produces DMT when it’s fully functional.

An awoken pineal gland gives access to conscious retirement, astral traveling, discovering other dimensions and clairvoyance. When the pineal gland is awake people can feel a kind of pressure in the core of the brains. A head trauma could activate ‘the third eye’. Though the physical functions of the pineal gland has been a mystery to scientists for a long time, did mystery schools always know that the gland, with the seize of a dried pea (barely 200 milligrams), the doorway is between the material and the spiritual world.

 Detoxing the pineal gland:

  1.       Mercury and everything that contains mercury is poisonous. Amalgam fillings are made of an alloy of mercury and another metal such as silver. It’s better to remove these.
    Vaccinations contain the preservative thimerosal, which is for 50% mercury.
  2.       Shrimps and tunafish. The common rule is: The bigger the fish, the more mercury it contains.
    CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamp). When these lamps break you can smell the mercury gasses. Mercury can be removed from the body with chlorella, wheatgrass or Spirulina on a daily base. By taking fresh coriander on a daily base, mercury can be removed from the brains.
    Flouride. Toothpaste and water causes the pineal gland to calcify. At the bottom is an article about the pineal gland and fluor.
  3.        Biological vegetables. A good detoxing comes from biological fruits and vegetables, of which most should be consumed uncooked. Pesticides are poisonous for the body in every way.
  4.      Alcohol and smoking. Quit it! Both the physical and mental addiction must be dealt with. Most of the time this comes from lack of self esteem and self-confidence, or from an unsolved mental trauma.
  5.        Healing the heart. It stimulates the heart rate. Facing your fears and conquer them.
  6.        All other toxics. For example: aspartame, white sugar, all additives beginning with E1, chemical deodorant, chemical cleaning products, air fresheners and mouthwash.
  7.        Raw chocolate, cocoa beans that aren’t heated, in a small amount are good for the pineal gland


We all have powers in us, whom are now dormant and unawakened. We can bring our pineal gland to life and evolve to a higher state of mind. Start with turning off the television. The television is a tool of manipulation to keep control of the masses. Stop the daily waves of unhealthy amounts of lies and learn the truth. Invest your time in the right education. Open the doors between the material world and the spiritual world and help to heal yourself, on a physical and emotional level.

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