In our centre, we successfully work with the brew Ayahuasca, imported from the Amazon.

Ayahuasca is one of the oldest known healing methods. Sources already speak of the use of this transforming brew, 5000 years back in time. The effects of Ayahuasca can be very intense and profound; a deep energetic cleansing will take place as well as the processing and resolving of traumatic experiences.

Under the right circumstances, such as in our setting, working with ayahuasca is very safe. (You can read more about this in the research rapport Sacred Voyage on this page).

The Ayahuasca ceremony is a shamanistic initiation in which you can experience altered states of consciousness.  The emphasis is on exploring your own potential in a safe way, as well as healing trauma and recovering your true essence. With the Sacred Voyage method you learn to do deep healing work inside your body on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. (It is not about tripping outside of your body.)

Ayahuasca gives insight, helps you retrieve and heal lost parts of your soul, and helps your Inner Child come alive. It is a deeply transforming process for both your body and your mind.

We have guided thousands of people in the past years during their special quest. According to many, the healing power of ayahuasca reaches far beyond the effects of any known western therapies.

For our healing weekends and retreats, we use the combination of Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala) and Jurema (Mimosa Hostilis). In the past years, we have noticed that this combination gives the best results for the participants in our setting. We brew the Ayahuasca ourselves.

Healing weekends with ayahuasca

For dates check our Calendar

We regularly organize 2-day healing weekends (in English) and 3 day retreats with Ayahuasca. People from all over Europe and the world have visited these ceremonies in the past. Healing weekends or retreats are led by Géke Dijkstra, Stephen Monné, Joannie van Rijswijk, Bert Kwakernaak or Miriam Klein. We work with a team of experienced and committed guides, who provide safety and loving support. Our groups consist of a maximum of 35 participants and a team of 5-10 guides.

The first day of the weekend is a preparation for the ceremony which takes place on the second day. We prepare ourselves as a group by sharing our intentions, by heart-dancing or voice expression, and by holotropic breath work. On the second day you will drink the Ayahuasca. In the 3 day retreats, the second and the third day have Ayahuasca ceremonies.

We are available for you if you might need us after you have participate in a weekend or retreat. If you have questions or need support, you can always contact us by mail, phone or Skype.

When you feel the need for a coaching session or traject afterwards or beforehand, there are two of our team members available: Nienke Kanngiesser and Joannie van Rijswijk.

Costs for the healing weekends are 265 Euros including light meals. Costs for the 3 day retreats are 375 Euros including light meals.

Accommodation costs are paid separately and vary per location. For information on prices send us an e-mail.

We also organize healing weekends (in English) with a sweat lodge as preparation on the first day and the Ayahuasca ceremony on the second day. A sweat lodge is an ancient Native American ritual in which you are deeply cleansed and reconnected with Mother Earth.

Costs for these weekends are 265 Euros including light meals.

Well known Dutch philosopher Stine Jensen searches for the meaning and experience of Non-duality and gets a profound glimpse during an Ayahuasca ceremony of The Sacred Voyage.

Forward to 31 minutes if you only want to see the part with the Sacred Voyage.

Individual Ayahuasca ceremonies – 1 day

It is possible to be facilitated individually in a Sacred Voyage ceremony with Ayahuasca. We have loving team members with lots of experience in facilitating ceremonies: Miriam Klein, Joannie van Rijswijk, Frans Boelen, Bas Janssen, Andre Straathof, Anouk Smit, Rob Hulscher, Judith van den Heuvel, Anita Busgchens, Lennart Huis in t Veld and Bert Kwakernaak. Costs are 280 Euros per person. An individual ceremony can be planned any time in consultation with the individual guides.

Rebirth of the Soul Retreat 5 days:  May 2018

This shamanistic retreat will bring you five days of intense inner work with sweat lodge, rebirthing breath work, trance dance, heart dancing, soul retrieval, and the possibility of attending a maximum of three Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Guided by experienced trainers and led by Lars Faber.

Facilitated at a venue in Limburg, the south of Holland. We organize this retreat once a year.

Back to (your) Nature:  May 2018 South Portugal.

In May 2018 we organize this 4 day retreat in the South of Portugal for the 6th time! (near the coast and a half an hour drive from Faro airport).

Spacious and beautiful surroundings combined with powerful workshops and the deep healing power of the medicine plant, will help you connect with your own true essence and will bring you back to Your Nature.

The one you are meant to be.

With deep and opening workshops on the first day that will help you prepare for the Ayahuasca ceremonies on the 2 following days (one during the day and one during the evening/night). The last day is one of integration.

4 Days and 5 nights.

The retreat will be led by Géke Dijkstra and guided by an experienced and loving team of the Sacred Voyage.

You can register or receive further information by sending us an e-mail: info@degewijdereis.nl or info@thesacredvoyage.com

Living the Life of your Dreams Retreat 6 days: August 2018

With the possibility of attending a maximum of three Ayahuasca ceremonies, sweat lodge, heart dancing, holotropic breath work, voice expression, emotional bodywork, fire walk, shaking, meditation, mindfulness, and food coaching.

Lars Faber developed a program which can open the eight keys, the eight gateways to total freedom:

  • The gate leading to the freedom to live your life to the fullest.
  • The gate leading to the freedom to create and protect.
  • The gate leading to the freedom to want and to act.
  • The gate leading to the freedom to feel and express yourself.
  • The gate leading to the freedom to relate, connect and communicate.
  • The gate leading to the freedom to discover your own truth and act upon it.
  • The gate leading to the freedom to self-observation.
  • The gate leading to the freedom to surrender.

Some of these gates you may already have passed, others are still locked or may be unknown to you. By using and working with different profound methods an exercises in awareness, we will show you the way to these gateways so you will have the opportunity to open and pass them.

Guided by experienced trainers and led by Lars Faber.

Facilitated at a venue next to the woods and the IJsselmeer (big lake) one hour above Amsterdam. Staying overnight is simple inside (dormitory) or in your own tent outside.  We organize this retreat once a year.

You can register or receive further information by sending us an e-mail: info@degewijdereis.nl or info@thesacredvoyage.com  

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